2024 Honda Prologue First Drive: The Run Up to Honda’s All-Electric Future

Honda is going electric and by partnering with GM, the Honda Prologue is first to hit the market. It's all we love about Honda with Google tech and a solid electric drive.

The Honda Prologue'S Front End Features A Crisp New Look
The Honda Prologue's front end features a crisp new look. Photo: Kristin Shaw

Honda Prologue Shares a Platform with GM’s Blazer EV, But Has Its Own Personality

Honda has a big goal ahead: the automaker is targeting 100 percent zero emissions vehicle sales by 2040. In the meantime, the company launched its first all-electric SUV, the Prologue, and the new EV delivers on the Honda legacy, as well as its future.

The brand achieved record electrified sales in 2023; its CR-V was America’s best-selling hybrid vehicle in 2023 and the Accord hybrid was the best-selling hybrid car in the U.S. Those are big numbers and an impressive accomplishment, but Honda isn’t anywhere near ready to rest yet.

With seating for five and nearly 300 miles of all-electric range, the new Prologue is well-balanced and nicely equipped. Let me introduce you to the Prologue.

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The New Look Of Honda Is Seen On The Rear End Of The Honda Prologue

The new look of Honda on the rear end of the Honda Prologue. Photo: Kristin Shaw

Handsome on the Outside

The Prologue is a mid-size SUV that’s almost the same length and width as the Honda Passport, but the Prologue is several inches shorter, giving it a sportier feel. It has a clean, horizontal design and you’ll notice that the back end features a Honda badge that’s unique to its EV line. The word Honda is in a different font and is spaced across the lift gate giving the Prologue a fresh look.

The new EV comes in seven colors, and I’m absolutely in love with North Shore Pearl. It’s a blue/green/turquoise hue that shifts in the sunlight, and Honda says the shade was inspired by the vibrant colors of Lake Tahoe in Nevada.

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The Sharp, Clean Interior Of The Honda Prologue

The sharp, clean interior of the Honda Prologue. Photo: Kristin Shaw

Inside, A Gorgeous Cabin That Feels Great

The cabin includes beautiful stitchwork and streamlined seats, and the tech is modern without being overwhelming or intimidating.

Inside, the console is smartly set up with two tiers, one at seat level and the other a cubby beneath that. A purse or small backpack would fit neatly under the space between the two front seats with no fuss.

The console includes two USB-C ports, a 12-volt charger, and a storage pad capable of holding two smartphones side by side. A wireless charger is standard in a Prologue, and it sits behind the cup holders. Small (but necessary!) items like hair ties, keys, and wallets or change purses can be stashed inside the covered section.

Some automakers have been designing door pockets that slant to hold a bottle with a cap. Not Honda; the Prologue’s door pockets are generous and can accept drinks that need to stand upright, like coffee and fast food beverages. Between the front seats, the EV features large, adjustable cup holders that can hold 32 ounces, which means Honda is thinking about more than disposable single-use water bottles. And that’s a great thing.

The seats are comfortable and roomy, with plenty of spacious seating in the second tow, too. Beautiful stitching adorns the trim, and a light-welcoming moonroof spans the ceiling. Get ready to turn and flip the surprisingly quiet turn signals on the left stalk. It’s exactly opposite the gearshifter, which is a stalk on the right side of the steering column. Speaking of the steering wheel, it fits into my average-sized hands nicely and I appreciate that Honda placed the steering wheel heater right on the wheel itself.

One thing I hope Honda will change is the placement of the buttons to the left of the steering wheel. They’re in an awkward position and it’s too easy to accidentally hit the parking brake, which results in a sharp alarm tone. At least the lane keeping control has an orange indicator light, but the Sport mode does not.

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The Large Multimedia Screen And Wide Charge Cubby Anchor The Center Of The Honda Prolouge'S Cabin

The large multimedia screen and wide charge cubby anchor the center of the Honda Prolouge’s cabin. Photo: Kristin Shaw

Google Technology Is at Your Service 

Honda includes a full safety suite with every Prologue along with driver-assist technologies like adaptive cruise control.

The Prologue is the first Honda SUV with Google built-in, compelete with voice activated “Hey Google” assistance. That doesn’t mean the brand is abandoning Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, so integrating your smartphone is still a cinch. Two high-definition digital screens display information and infotainment, including a standard 11-inch digital driver instrumentation display and an 11.3-inch touchscreen. Order the Elite trims to add a head-up display. And another benefit to purchasing an Elite model is the handy 100-volt household outlet behind the front seats. Charge up your devices on the go, with no worries.

Music lovers, you’re going to like the standard 12-speaker Bose audio system to play all of your tunes. Spotify is my go-to for my favorite playlists.

The Cargo Area Is Spacious With Enough Room For The Honda Motocompacto Scooter

The cargo area is spacious with enough room for the Honda Motocompacto scooter. Photo: Kristin Shaw

Are You a Honda Prologue Buyer?

If want an EV and you’re a fan of one-pedal driving, you’ll be very pleased with the Prologue. The ride is smooth and coasts nicely when one-pedal driving is off, which is ideal for uninterrupted trips. Turn it on and it’s helpful for city driving – all you have to do is lift your foot from the accelerator and the car slows to a stop. When sport mode is activated, the Prologue makes a slightly different sound and feels a bit more hunkered down and zippy.

Partnering with General Motors on EV powertrains, this new EV will use GM’s Ultium battery packs. It does use some of the same components as the Chevy Blazer EV, but the Blazer EV has been plagued with problems and recalls that Honda is sidestepping because it took more time to get it to market. Thus, more time for testing.

Starting at just under $49,000 for the single-motor version, the dual motor is nearly $52,000 but brings more power and all-wheel drive to the party. The single-motor option is good for a respectable 212 horsepower, which is plenty for confident driving. With two motors, the car is capable of 288 horsepower and delivers all wheel drive. On the highways, I didn’t feel any lag or lack of power and on city streets, the quiet hum was delightful.

Expect to find shiny new Honda Prologues in dealerships this spring.

Disclosure: I was Honda’s guest for this test drive; travel and accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own.

Rear Seats Are Roomy And Comfortable In The Honda Prologue

Rear seats are roomy and comfortable in the Honda Prologue. Photo: Kristin Shaw

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