2023 Toyota 4Runner 40th Anniversary Edition is 80’s Nostalgia in a Modern Package

The 40th anniversary of the Toyota 4Runner is the perfect time to give this OG SUV a retro style update to its rugged good looks.

Toyota Is Giving Us All The 80S Feels In Their 40Th Anniversary Edition 4Runner Photo Danyel Buie
Toyota is giving us all the 80s feels in their 40th Anniversary edition 4Runner Photo: Danyel Buie

Happy Birthday, Toyota!

Can you believe that the Toyota 4Runner is officially 40 years old? They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and Toyota is celebrating in style by creating the ultimate off-road party machine with a dash of adventure.

The Toyota 4Runner is still a strong-selling vehicle, and this anniversary edition takes on a nostalgic feel with cool, colorful striping and anniversary logo embossing on the floor mats, headrests, and seats to make it special.

In most ways, the 2023 Toyota 4Runner is a tried-and-true throwback truck thanks to its body-on-frame design that has been around since its 2010 model year. Truthfully the truck hasn’t seen any real fundamental changes to its structural makeup, which is probably by design, and which I find charming because the traditional layout is appealing all on its own.

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Plenty Of The 40Th Anniversary Celebration Details Like This Can Be Found Inside The 4Runner Photo Danyel Buie

Plenty of the 40th Anniversary celebration details like this can be found inside the Toyota 4Runner. Photo: Danyel Buie

Today’s Toyota 4Runner Pays Homage to the Past

The base pricing for the 4Runner comes in at $40,455, with premium audio and off-roading packaging options that hop the price up to around $55K.  The panoramic view monitor (which is offered in the SR5 Premium package) was a great addition to my vehicle, as I was able to get a complete 360-degree view of my surroundings for safer driving purposes. Not to mention my parallel parking skills improved thanks to the composite imaging that makes it easy to park in tight spaces.

While the 40th Anniversary Edition 4Runner may appear “basic,” it’s anything but in terms of aesthetics. The tri-color stripe is eye-catching, and passersby loved to comment on how cool it looked. The stripe runs down the side of the truck and carries over to the grille; it lets everyone know my truck was special and a standout! The “1 of 4040” emblem on the dash is another statement piece; my passengers loved knowing that they were riding in a special edition vehicle, the first to be made!

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Music Navigation And Phone Calls Are Right At Your Fingertips Thanks To Android Auto And Apple Carplay Photo Danyel Buie

Music, navigation, and phone calls are right at your fingertips, thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Photo: Danyel Buie

Inside Feels in the Toyota 4Runner 40th Anniversary Edition

The interior is simplistic in style and feel, there are big knobs for most of the controls like HVAC and seating preferences, quad spokes on the steering wheel, and a nice digital clock right above the vents. I appreciate the continuous nod to nostalgia when it comes to the entertainment system, it’s integrated into the center stack rather than being an out-of-the-dash setup that you see in most vehicles today.

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard entertainment features that make getting directions, making phone calls, and listening to my playlists enjoyable and fun. The heated and ventilated leatherette seats were perfect for our constantly changing Texas weather and are stylish and comfortable to boot.

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Steering My Way Around Town In The New 4Runner Photo Danyel Buie

Steering my way around town in the new Toyota 40th Anniversary Edition 4Runner. Photo: Danyel Buie

How Does the Toyota 4Runner Drive?

The 4Runner is a nice, smooth drive and ride for the most part. The only engine option for this truck is a 4.0-liter V-6 with 270 horsepower, so I didn’t expect any revved-up, quick-speed rides around town, but it certainly holds its own on the road and the highway with a gas-saving fuel economy of 16 mpg city and 19 highway respectively.  Less trips to the gas station equals more fun on (and off!) the road.

Love The Badging On This 40Th Anniversary Special Edition Of The Toyota 4Runner Photo Danyel Buie

Love the badging on this 40th Anniversary special edition of the Toyota 4Runner Photo: Danyel Buie

Fond 4Runner Memories

The 40th Anniversary 4Runner feels solid, and everything about it feels familiar, well, because it is. It’s everything you remember a Toyota truck to be – roomy, comfortable, and practical. There’s enough to enjoy visually that sets it apart from the other 4Runners, especially if you’ve owned one in years past. If only they could bring back those 80’s prices.

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