What’s the Most Exciting News from the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show? All the Cars!

2023 Ces
2023 CES

The future is closer than you think, especially if you are shopping for an electric car.

The 2023 CES was absolutely packed with futuristic technology – and much of it showcased in electric cars. So it’s no surprise that there were more car makers present this year, showcasing their electric lifestyle treasures. We exhausted ourselves and tried to see as much as possible, which is a nearly impossible feat at the world’s largest trade show. But, we got close up to the top new cars and trucks to see what the near future holds.

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Vw Id.7 With Its Multicolored Paint Exterior

VW ID.7 with its multicolored paint exterior. Photo: Liv Leigh

The Volkswagen ID. 7 is an Electric Sedan, and Shows off an Incredible Paint Job

After a six year hiatus from the event, VW kicked off the whole shindig when they revealed their ID. 7 all-electric sedan, one of ten new electrified models they’re planning to launch by 2026. This aerodynamic sedan is built on their Modular Electric Drive Matrix (oddly shortened to MEB) platform and features a ton of new features like digitally controlled smart air vents with voice control functions, illuminated touch sliders, an augmented reality head-up display, and a generous 15-inch screen.

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The sleek design shows off coupe-like curvature that contributes to an excellent drag coefficient and over 400 miles of anticipated WLTP (European) range, which is always less in EPA (American) estimation but should still be excellent compared with the competition.

This paint job may look crazy but it’s actually VW’s creative way of camoflaging some of the shape of the ID. 7 final production vehicle, that will be revealed in the middle of 2023. 40 layers of conductive paint make up 22 separate areas of electroluminescence that light up interactively with music. We’re looking forward to seeing what the final production model looks like!

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Color is the Future, and We Approve: BMW iVision Dee Shows Us How

This futuristic concept from BMW features an exterior paint that allows you to change the color of your BMW as often as you change your nail polish color. Or more often. So go with your mood, or your outfit or your attitude and color your world however you like. Our friend Kimatni Rawlins showed us the possibilities.

The Ram 1500 Revolution Battery-Electric Concept Enters the Electric Pickup Truck Chat

The Ram Truck brand revealed their striking new pickup truck vision, an inductive robot charger, and a commitment to bring this concept to market by 2024. Aiming to revolutionize this segment by offering the ultimate pickup truck, they’ve coined the term “brutiful” to describe their beautiful yet brutal aesthetic vision. The imposing exterior features animated LED tail lights, badging, bumper flares, “R-A-M” badge, and fully animated LED “tuning fork” headlights, a design cue that is echoed inside.

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The spacious interior, accessible by grand saloon style doors, welcomes you with a removable center console featuring a flat folding surface and configurable workspace. Two touch screens combine to offer up to 28 inches of multimedia playground. The upper screen is able to slide on the Ram rail attachment system. The lower screen features three customizable positions (minimal, extended, and full screen), and even the option to pop it off for use elsewhere in the truck. An electro-chromatic roof changes the opacity at the touch of a button and flush-mounted door handles and sleek sideview mirrors with digital cameras reduce drag and optimize aerodynamics.

The Spacious Interior Of The Electric Ram Pickup

The spacious interior of the electric Ram pickup. Photo: Liv Leigh

Other notable features include up to 18 feet of pass-through storage into the frunk, 3rd row jump seats, 3 modes of adjustable air suspension, self-leveling capabilities, and 15 degrees of turning articulation. We don’t know what flashy features of this concept will make it to reality but this vision brings some seriously exciting possibilities.


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Looking into the Future with Mercedes-Benz EQXX

Though you didn’t have to look too far to see this one: This is a concept car that’s fully functional and it’s been seen making its way around Las Vegas ferrying a few lucky people around. Not only is it the look and feel of the future, but it can go the distance, with a battery range of 745 miles on a single charge, and then charge up at the new network of charge stations that Mercedes-Benz also announced. Learn more from our friend Myriam Joire, @tnkgrl, with Mercedes-Benz exec Malte Sievers on her podcast!

The Reveal Of The Affela, A Joint Project Between Sony An Honda

The reveal of the Affela, a joint project between Sony an Honda. Photo: Liv Leigh

Sony and Honda Partner on an Electric Car, and Gives Us All the Afeels (Sorry, We Had To)

In a partnership announced early 2022, Sony and Honda joined forces to make a new electric car that they revealed at CES 2023. This new brand is called Afeela.

Causing more buzz for its name than its details (since we don’t have many yet!) Afeela presents minimalistic lines and a calm aesthetic in an electric sedan package. An interactive “media bar” tops the grille-less front end and blends with the headlights into a completely unique functional and decorative design.

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The Afeela'S Interior. Photo: Afeela

The Afeela’s interior. Photo: Afeela

The plush and simplistic interior shines with a tableau of screens covering the entire dash. A yolk-like gaming-influenced steering wheel with controller-reminiscent buttons provide the main stand-out features in the otherwise clean and open cabin. With big goals for level 2 and 3 autonomous driving, Sony Honda Mobility are clearly simplifying the driver experience.

It’ll be available for preorder in early 2025 with deliveries expected mid 2026.

The Volvo Xe90 Electric Suv

The Volvo XE90 electric SUV. Photo: Liv Leigh

Volvo EX90 and Luminar Remind us that Safety Tech is the Best Tech

Though Volvo wasn’t officially present at CES, their newly announced EX90 was featured at the booth of vehicle safety and driver assist technology innovator Luminar. Game-changers in vehicle safety and autonomy, Luminar’s tech takes center stage in the protective features integrated into the EX90, Volvo’s 7 seat all-electric SUV, set to arrive at dealerships early 2024. Boasting a 111 kilowatt battery, twin-motor all-wheel drive and the ability to charge from 10 to 80% in about 30 minutes, this Volvo will also make us feel super safe when it takes over some of the duties on the road.

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We (finally!) Got A Good, Close Up Look at the Volvo EX90 – And It’s All That

A 14.5 inch center screen floats inside the clean, minimalistic cabin comprised largely of recycled or bio-based materials, and the extra spacious interior calls to large families looking for some cushy room. To cap it off, the EX90 is Volvo’s first vehicle to feature bi-directional vehicle-to-load charging, aka the ability to charge other things with its battery or even send power back to the grid.

To illustrate some of its safety features, Luminar held some rather gut-wrenching demonstrations very literally showing what happens when a Luminar-equipped vehicle encounters a child in the road vs an unequipped vehicle. Yikes.

That is only a tiny bit of the cool electric vehicle tech I caught at CES 2023. There is an absolute ton of exciting stuff to look forward to and it’s likely you’ll be seeing some closer looks right here in the near future, so stay tuned!

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