2023 Was The Best (Anniversary) Gift Ever

In the season of giving we're grateful for the best gift ever: A 10 year anniversary serving car buyers, partnering with car makers and working alongside car journalists

Our Group At The Porsche Experience Center
Our group took a moment to celebrate our day at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. ?Scotty Reiss

Thank you.

I know in the season of giving I should be thinking of what I’m giving to others — to my kids, my spouse, my friends.

But nope. I’m thinking about what I was gifted and reveling in the glory of it all. And I’m so very grateful. You see, 2023 marked a special milestone for a Girls Guide to Cars: our 10 year anniversary.

The Roomy Cabin Is Comfortable—With A Small Crew Or A Large One Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary

Our kids, and our photos, were a lot smaller 10 years ago. Photo: Scotty Reiss

What a Milestone: A 10 Year Anniversary

We were not good about marking the year or celebrating this milestone. The year was challenging in all the different ways; business gets tougher every year — but so do we; this year was especially busy for all of us; growing can be distracting. So we moved through the year doing what we needed to, dreaming bigger and setting new goals. Celebrating our milestone birthday sat on the back burner all year.

But that’s OK. We need to hit those growth initiatives to get to the next milestone… 15 years, 20 years and beyond. For us, it’s more about moving forward than reflecting back.


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What Are We Grateful For?

It starts with team: Everything you see on A Girls Guide to Cars is due to an incredible team of people who bring their passion, insight, and focus to details and the big picture. And they think about you, the car-buying women who exercise so much power every single day in everything you do, including buying cars.

We also are grateful for our wonderful colleagues — journalists, editors, video creators and others across our business who review cars, tell car stories and dive into the details so that consumers are better prepared for shopping and ownership. These people may seem on the outside like our competitors, but they are not; they are valuable friends, cheerleaders, “work family” who help us to do what we do even better.

We’re grateful for an auto industry that values female car buyers and the mission of A Girls Guide to Cars. Take heart in knowing that the women and men who design, engineer and build cars care very much about the you, the people who buy them, the families who spend so many hours in them, the kids who watch the world from their rear seat perch, the dogs who gulp air from open windows, the drivers who find joy and challenge behind the wheel and relish every moment.

Without exception, the industry has welcomed us into this world, encouraged our stories, helped provide access to their cars for reviews and championed our mission. It would be hard to do what we do without their partnership.

Best Family Road Trip Songs - 10 Year Anniversary

Our cars take us to precious places. Photo: Jill Robbins

We’re Grateful for You

You’ve contributed to the conversation, asked questions, told stories, commented on our videos and shared the posts that you know others will appreciate.

We hope you’ll continue to comment on our YouTube videos, follow along on Instagram as we share our test drives, join the conversation on Facebook and follow women in the industry on LinkedIn.

In 2024 we look forward to more of all of this. And to further empowering women to be smarter, happier car owners.

Life happens in cars. Enjoy the ride. And happy holidays!

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