The New Luxury Truck Contender: The 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone First Drive

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This new level of luxury from Toyota is a welcome addition.

Signaling the next age of Toyota, the redesign of the 2022 Toyota Tundra i-Force Max is just where it starts. It’s in what the redesign unleashed–a new framework and technology that enabled the 2023 Toyota Sequoia, a new i-Force Max hybrid engine for even more power and better fuel economy, and now, the ultimate luxury truck–that will define the next era of Toyota. And it can all be had in one beautiful new top-tier edition called Capstone.  

The Elegant Details Include Walnut And Leather Trim, The Redesigned And Open-Feeling Center Consoles And The 14&Quot; Multimedia Screen. Photo: Teia Collier

The elegant details include walnut and leather trim, the redesigned and open-feeling center consoles and the 14″ multimedia screen. Photo: Teia Collier

The Pickup Truck Enters a New Age

The idea of a legacy automaker implies a heritage of innovation, economy and longevity. And also, shaking things up when necessary. That means, taking the ideas of capability, sophisticated design, elegant engineering and adding functional luxury,  a welcome addition to the full-size pickup space. It’s the no-compromise truck that we have been waiting for. Enter the 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone edition, priced at the top of the Tundra lineup at about $73,000 and imbued with the smart power of i-Force Max and the luxury that truck buyers are clamoring for. Designed to adapt and with the flexibly take you wherever the road takes you, the 2022 Toyota Tundra wants to take you there–toys and trailers included. 

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Tundra Front End

The new front grille of the Toyota Tundra shows its wide, powerful new face. Photo: Teia Collier

What We Love about the Toyota Tundra with i-Force Max, Capstone Edition

We had the pleasure of spending a few hours in the new Tundra, to explore, drive and put to the test some of the features that are in the new edition, and here’s what we fell in love with:

Tundra Front Cabin

The front cabin of the Toyota Tundra Capstone Edition feels miles away from the rear seat. Photo: Teia Collier

The Space…

Two rows of flexible space designed for full-size adults, with plenty of legroom and headroom for those in the front or the rear. Passengers in the rear will experience the same creature comforts as those in the front including heating and cooled seats, dedicated charging ports, cupholders and cargo pockets. There is a 60/40 folding rear bench seat which flips up to make room if you need it, but there is not a storage box underneath; the space is filled by the battery pack for the hybrid motor.

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Tundra'S Rear Seat

Tundra’s spacious rear seat. Photo: Teia Collier

The Capability and Tow Capacity

This is where you have to give it up for the i-Force Max. Due to the twin-turbo 3.5L V6 motor combined with an inline hybrid powertrain, you’ll get access to 437 pounds of horsepower and a brilliantly useful 583 lb-ft of torque, all underpinning the 12,000 lbs. of tow capacity. Simply put, it means you can tow your airstream, get up the hill, pack your camping gear, your latest DIY project and navigate rough terrain without the Tundra batting an eyelash. Also, with the added benefit of Toyota’s built-in towing system of cameras, sensors and added support, even the newest of towing aficionados can hook up, tow and drive safely, no sling or slide, with whatever toy you desire.  

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2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone, designed to tow an Airstream with ease. Photo: Teia Collier

Luxe Interiors Answer Buyers Requests with Creature Comforts  

Toyota knows its audience. They also asked their clients what they want, what they wish they had and how to make their product better, smarter and more tailored to their needs. After taking in the feedback from their buyers, focus groups and their own teams, the designers at Toyota learned a few things. Families are craving functional vehicles that can flex between work, home, travel, tow and still look fabulous, an elevated everyday experience. 

Panoramic Sun Roofs And Open Spaces, Oh My. Photo Teia Collier

Panoramic sun roofs and open spaces, oh my. Photo: Teia Collier

Buyers also want an elevated tech experience, which is what inspired Toyota’s new multimedia system. This may be the best on the road right now; it certainly is my favorite: screen is sharp and clear, it’s set up like a well-organized computer screen and it’s intuitively designed so your’e not hunting for stuff. There are quick- access buttons just under the screen so you can easily tap climate or towing commands, but if you want enhanced access or to set up your custom configuration the touch screen allows those options.

The system also has a wireless phone charger, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and both USB-C charger and standard USB ports. I really liked that both types are included; it’s set up for whichever cord I happen to have with me that day 

The other very intriguing feature is the “Hey Toyota” voice assistant. Designed to be ‘voice first’ so users can access anything they need by asking the truck rather than stabbing at the touch screen. The system is designed to learn your voice and with only the day to get to know me, it took several tries for it to understand my Texas twang. When I spoke slow and loud, it understood. It did, however, flawlessly understand when I said “Hey Toyota, let’s go home” and instantly navigated to the hotel.

The Luxury

Toyota delivered beautifully on the brand promise in delightful form…. perforated leather seating {signaling heating and cooling in both the the front and rear seats} in exclusive colors with American Walnut accents. It all adds up to an elegance and polished interior, while wipeable surfaces, power-deploying running boards, removable mats with the Tundra’s bold badges remind you that this truck is made for living and proud, everyday use.  

Tundra Seat BackThe New Look

Team the luxe interior with the muscular, sculpted body, Tundra’s new front grill, interior and exterior LED lighting, the gorgeous new 14.4-inch multimedia center, chrome anchor points and a deep, functional truck bed that’s 5’5’’, you have all the tools needed to create an experience that adds luxury to the everyday while equipping you for the extraordinary.   

A Girls Guide To Cars | The New Luxury Truck Contender: The 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone First Drive - Img 9804

Newly refreshed multimedia center in the 2022 Toyota Tundra. Photo: Teia Collier

Smooth Driving and Efficiency in a Pickup Truck? Yes! 

On our drive we got to see a variety of terrain. the type the typical suburban truck owner may see in a day: A creek bed, a beachy shore, the dirt roads of a vineyard and then, a posh shopping district. While I appreciated the Tundra’s capability on the rocky paths and beach, it was the parking sensors that won me over. I didn’t need to worry about parking it; the sensors made it super easy to park on a busy street with lots of traffic and parking spots better suited for a Prius.

On the road I appreciated the smoothness of Tundra’s transmission. My drive took me through neighborhoods with lots if stop signs and it was nice to see how the Tundra navigated this; there was no lag in the gear changes, it was a very smooth rather than the lurching ride you might expect from a pickup. It’s good to know that you can let your youngest nap in the backseat without disturbing him.

While the Tundra performed perfectly on the off-pavement roads we found in the vineyard and at the beach, I wouldn’t call  this a true off roader; it’s capable but if rock crawling and sand dunes are your destination, opt for the TRD Pro instead.

Our test model was powered by the i-Force Max system, the 10-speed hybrid automatic engine that Tundra is expected to deliver an easy and efficient 21 mpg. Designed to provide consistent power, you’ll not see the same efficiency that you’d find in other Toyota hybrids such as the Highlander Hybrid, but you’ll gain a tow and hauling capability that you won’t find in other similarly sized trucks.

A Girls Guide To Cars | The New Luxury Truck Contender: The 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone First Drive - 2022 Tundra Capstone Max Windchillpearl 293

The i-Force Max badge. Photo: Toyota Motor Company

How Much Does This Truck Cost?

Coming in at just over $73,000, the 2022 Toyota Tundra 4×4 Capstone CrewMax 5.5-ft. i-FORCE MAX delivers the smooth power of a hybrid in a format that American truck drivers are asking for–versatile space, efficient power that makes life easier and more fun with the luxurious comforts that mean no compromise between form and function.

Disclosure: I was Toyota’s guest for this test drive. Travel and accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own.

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