The Sport Coupe for Everyday #LivingYourBestLife: Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA 45

Mercedes-Benz Amg Cla 45

It’s time to bring the bling and fall in love with your drive!

Bring on the sparkle and learn what it’s like to enjoy everyday driving when you have a performance coupe capable of everything: crushing the commute, bringing the fun, and reminding you that you can do all that with the ease of convenience.

The Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA 45 comes chock full of fun with a handcrafted 4-cylinder engine and tons of tech with all the safety and driver-assist features you could possibly want.

This color is simply sublime, too! This Sun Yellow shade is eye-catching and completely unforgettable. This car has made me realize if I ever get to buy a performance car, it won’t be black or white—it’ll be a bright color because it just looks so hot and unique.

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Mercedes-Benz Amg Cla 45

These performance seats were perfect for this car. ?: Connie Peters

A Track-Ready Beauty

I drove the AMG CLA 45 for the first time on the track at Island Motorsport Circuit in August. I attended a full day Performance Driving Level 1 program at the circuit, and this car is in their performance fleet.

As the day progressed, you went from Suburus and BMW 2-series to more powerful cars, and the Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA 45 was a car I drove later in the day, at my top speeds for this experience. It’s as stunning on track as it looks!

The Most Powerful 4-cylinder Production Car on the Market

This AMG CLA 45 has a handmade motor just like all true AMGs, and it’s the most powerful 4-cylinder performance engine you can buy. It growls with 382 horsepower and 342 lb-foot of torque, meaning you will quickly reach your destination. Not only that, but the sound under the hood and from the exhaust is simply a joy to listen to.

With every drive, I used the customization buttons on the AMG Sport Steering wheel drive unit to set up in Sport+ Drive Mode. In Comfort mode, the suspension kept my ride more comfortable, even when I wanted to hear and feel the Sport+ exhaust and transmission sounds.

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Mercedes-Benz Amg Cla 45

The lines and color of this car are simply stunning. ?: Connie Peters

Performance, Yes—But Don’t Forget the Convenience of Four Doors

I adore the fact that I can feel like I’m driving a true sports car,but still have the convenience of four doors in a coupe-style so that when I pick up and drop off my daughters at school every day, we’re not having to juggle with a 2-door!

The sporty exterior styling extends into the interior with beautiful faux leather, dynamic seating, this gorgeous red and black contrast look. However, it still offers enough space and legroom for a couple of kids in the back seat. To me, this is the ultimate balance between performance, fun, and function.

Technology is Always Front and Center with Mercedes-Benz

I adore the big single screen with the instrument cluster and the infotainment side by side. I feel like Mercedes-Benz provides a solid design win with this feature.

The 10.5″ instrument cluster is fully digital, as you can see, and is also fully customizable, from the colors of the gauges to the options of what is visible to you as you’re driving. The 10.5″ infotainment screen to the right is also fully digital and touch-controlled. You can use the mini touch pads on the steering wheel or the main touchpad on the center console as well.

Mercedes-Benz Amg Cla 45

The sport steering wheel and high tech driver cockpit are fantastic. ?: Connie Peters

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This CLA 45 Lets You Fully Customize Your Drive

From the customizable instrument cluster and display to your drive mode settings, seats, and infotainment, I love the way the CLA 45 (and some other models from Mercedes-Benz) truly allow me to set up the car and my drive the way I want it in every way!

Mercedes-Benz Amg Cla 45

All sparkles on the AMG CLA 45 in Sun Yellow. ?: Connie Peters

What We Loved:

I loved everything about the AMG CLA 45, but here are my top five:

  1. The Sun Yellow color simply pops!
  2. The AMG drive mode settings that are located right on the steering wheel
  3. Mercedes-Benz advanced driver-assist features like lane-keeping are aggressively
  4. The sound of this car
  5. The shape of these racing seats is not so large and stiff that they dig into my short body-frame and deter me from visibility as some can!
Mercedes-Benz Amg Cla 45

This car is simply one big joyride. ? : Connie Peters

What will the CLA set you back?

The AMG CLA 45 4MATIC starts at USD $55,350 (2020 pricing not available; this is 2021 pricing) or CAD $59,700 and as tested (2020), this one was outfitted with everything you would want including an AMG drive unit, Intelligent Drive Package, Premium, Technology, Navigation, Track Package with performance pages for a total of USD $69,905 (2021 Model) or CAD $78,890 as shown.

Consider also that it requires premium fuel and is stated to be 26 MPG or 9 L/100 KM, but I’m sure I was doing much worse than this as I was continuously driving in Sport or Sport+ drive modes.

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I adore this car!

If I was in the market for a sedan at the moment, I would seriously consider the AMG CLA 45 for its beauty, power, and fun-to-drive factor. I might even consider this Sun Yellow color!

Full disclosure: The AMG CLA 45 was loaned to me by Mercedes-Benz Canada for a week to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

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