USED: 7 Things I Adored About The 2020 RAM 2500 Power Wagon

Ram 2500 Power Wagon
? Elizabeth Blackstock

I never knew how fun a truck could be until I sat in the 2020 RAM 2500 Power Wagon.

In fact, I’ve lived my life firmly convinced that the only vehicles I could even possibly enjoy were zippy hatchbacks and sporty sedans! But the RAM 2500 Power Wagon showed me the beautiful side of a whole new world, and I don’t ever want to look back. So, to get you as excited about the beautiful Power Wagon as I am, I decided to tell you all about the things I loved most about it.

And don’t you worry—this article is just a little teaser of what’s to come. We’ll have a full, in-depth review of the Power Wagon ready for you next week just in case you needed more to love.

Ram 2500 Power Wagon

Tell me that’s not the most gorgeous shade you’ve ever seen. ? Elizabeth Blackstock

7. The Color!

When I saw a bright blue RAM in the parking lot of the FCA headquarters in Ontario, I crossed my fingers and sent out a little prayer to the universe: please let that be my ride for the next week. It was! Every time I saw this truck in the driveway, I started grinning.

The shade is known as Hydro Blue Pearl, and it’s absolutely gorgeous—and a $100 CAD add-on. In my opinion, it’s totally worth the extra money. A close second is the gorgeous Molten Orange shade. If you’re going big, you might as well go beautiful!

But if you’re looking for something a little more low-profile, there are plenty of other, more neutral shades to choose from—and some more subtle colors.

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Ram 2500 Power Wagon

? Elizabeth Blackstock

6. Cameras for Days

If you’re someone (like me) that doesn’t have a ton of experience driving such a big truck, RAM has you covered with tons of cameras that you can toggle on the large, 12-inch infotainment center screen. Let’s run you through what it has:

  • Adjustable 360-degree camera
  • Front-facing camera
  • Bed camera
  • Tailgate camera
  • Backup camera with navigational lines

I was able to back up this Power Wagon with more confidence than I could my teeny Mazda 2 because of all those cameras. And that’s saying something.

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Ram 2500 Power Wagon

Floor storage in the back seat. ? Elizabeth Blackstock

5. Storage, Storage, and More Storage!

Ram 2500 Power Wagon

Seriously, you can pack so much stuff in this truck. ? Elizabeth Blackstock

I was genuinely impressed by the sheer amount of storage space offered in the RAM 2500 Power Wagon. In the front, you not only have a center console that can be lifted up to create a third seat, but you can also lift up the bottom of that middle seat to find a clever place to hide your purse or other valuables. Plus, there are two glove compartments: one that locks and one that doesn’t.

In the backseat, you can easily fold down all three seats to create a nice, flat space to store luggage. In the intermediate folding position, there’s also an in-seat storage space. If you have kids in the back, they can also store things underneath the floor mat in a handy little cove.

And in the rear, there are two lockable, rectangular pods on on both sides of the bed that would be a great place to store tools or electronics to keep them from getting wet.

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Ram 2500 Power Wagon

The tow options are the four toggle switches at the bottom of the photo. ? Elizabeth Blackstock

4. Different Towing Options

Trucks are made for towing, but not all trailers are made equal. So, RAM decided the Power Wagon should have four different buttons that enable you to program trailer settings for four different trailers. That’s great if you haul, say, a work trailer on weekdays and your boat on the weekends. You don’t have to manually reset all your settings; you just press a button.

Ram 2500 Power Wagon

The perfect way to spend a snow day. ? Elizabeth Blackstock

3. Off-Road Capabilities

If there’s one thing I love about newer vehicles, it’s that automakers are going out of their way to make sure they have some off-road capabilities, and the RAM 2500 Power Wagon is no exception. With a winch and an adjustable transmission to chose your optimal driving mode, the Power Wagon makes for a delightful off-road excursion. My husband and I took it out on some tight, snowy trails and had an incredible time.

Ram 2500 Power Wagon

? Elizabeth Blackstock

2. Tons of (Manageable) Power

The Power Wagon I drove featured a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine that makes 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque. That’s perfect for a truck this size. The torque gives you the bite you need to haul a heavy load, but if you’re rolling around solo with no luggage, the horsepower gives you plenty of get-up-and-go.

As someone coming from a background driving smaller cars, I was really impressed by how zippy the Power Wagon felt. Yes, I was definitely driving a larger, longer vehicle than usual, but it felt both sprightly and capable, like it would be just as easy for me to tow a moving trailer full of furniture as it would be to win a drag race.

Ram 2500 Power Wagon

Back seat passengers also have access to heated seats, USB ports, and a charging port. ? Elizabeth Blackstock

1. Great Mobile Workstation 

Right now, I’m hanging out with my husband and his family—three generations all crammed into one household—so having a nice, COVID-safe space for me to retreat to when I need to get work done is a true blessing. And the RAM 2500 has everything I could need to stay comfortable:

  • Cushy heated—and ventilated—front seats
  • Heated rear seats
  • A standard plug power outlet, a cigarette lighter plug-in, and multiple USB ports in the front and back seats
  • Bluetooth with great speakers
  • WiFi

It was comfortable, even in freezing temperatures. I was sad I had to give it back!

Full Disclosure: FCA Canada provided me with a RAM 2500 Power Wagon for this review. All opinions are my own.

Ram 2500 Power Wagon

Even lovely on ice. ? Elizabeth Blackstock

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