2020 Mercedes Benz GLC 300: Technology and Luxury at Your Service

Mercedes Benz Glc

Seriously. All you have to do is ask.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a luxury car really did it all for you? Like, if all you had to do was say, “Hey, Mercedes,” and the car would take care of whatever you need?

Well, that is where Mercedes-Benz is headed with some of the new features in the recently redesigned 2020 GLC 300 4Matic crossover coupe. The most popular model in the Mercedes-Benz family for it’s versatility in its class, this crossover (so, not quite an SUV but almost) coupe (a less square, sportier hatchback-ish shape) has just been updated with the brand’s top of the line technology.

The new design includes features until now only found on more expensive models, is more functional, more tech-loaded and better handling. We recently took a test drive in a 4Matic (all-wheel-drive) version of this crossover and discovered some of the fun and functional features that have been added to the 2020 model, which is priced from starts $44,500 USD or 48,800 CAD. If you don’t need all-wheel-drive, the GLC 300 starts at $42,500 USD.

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Mercedes Benz Stadium

Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta ?: Connie Peters

The Safety Tech is Off the Charts, But Some of it is Optional

Mercedes-Benz offers some very sophisticated semi-autonomous driving features on the GLC300; among the systems in this $2,700 package are adaptive cruise control with stop and go, congestion emergency braking, lane keep assist and active blind spot monitoring. And, it has active lane change assist which, when driving on the highway, will safely change lanes for you! Watch how it’s done:

Additional optional advanced safety features include:

  • Adaptive cruise control with enhanced stop-and-go
  • Active lane-keeping assist
  • Evasive steering assist
  • Active emergency stop
  • Traffic sign assist
  • Active parking assist
  • 360 camera
  • more

Driver and Parking Assist features are separate additional option packages.

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Glc 300 Apple Carplay

The GLC 300 is all set with Apple CarPlay. ?: Connie Peters

Just Say “Hey Mercedes;” She Answers and Assists

Forget Siri, when you’re riding in this ‘Benz, you can say “Hey Mercedes” to say anything from ‘Turn up the heat” to asking her what the meaning of life is. It’s part of the all-new MBUX infotainment and AI experience for 2020 in the GLC.

While I’ve heard that some testers find it annoying that she may constantly think you’re talking to her and keep saying “How May I Help You,” this wasn’t the case for me. Teia and I talked and talked on our several drives in the GLC and the car only responded when we directly said “Hey Mercedes.”

Ask your Mercedes what the meaning of life is, and she may surprise you with some valuable insight:

You can even say “Hey Mercedes, tell me a joke,” and she will!

The MBUX infotainment and “Hey Mercedes” is part of the Premium Package, priced at
$1,250 USD:
  • MB Navigation
  • MBUX augmented video for navigation
  • Online navigation map updates for 3 years
  • 3 years of Live Traffic services by TomTom
  • Speed Limit assist

Other additions:

  • Panoramic sunroof ($1500)
  • KEYLESS-GO ($500 option)

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Mercedes Benz Glc 300 Trunk

Cargo space is plentiful in the GLC 300. ?: Connie Peters

This 2020 GLC is New inside and out

The body and trims have been updated with more modern lines, larger touch screen, the new MBUX  Mercedes-Benz user experience system (“Hey Mercedes”) and a more powerful 4 cylinder Turbo engine with 255 horsepower, 13 more horsepower than previous models.

As you can see here, there is plenty of space in the trunk of the GLC, enough to accommodate a stroller or some luggage and definitely the basics like groceries.

Teia and I had all of our luggage in the trunk with space to add more.

Atlanta Skyline And Glc 300

GLC 300 against Atlanta’s skyline. ?: Connie Peters

Move Up to the AMG Line for a Sportier Look and Drive

Our GLC 300 came with the updated AMG Line package, including these beautiful 19″ 5-spoke wheels.

Get the AMG Line for $1,600 USD which includes

  • AMG body styling
  • 19-inch AMG twin 5-spoke wheels
  • Sport brake system
  • Sport interior appointments
  • Sport front seats
  • Sport steering wheel
  • Brushed aluminum pedals
Mercedes Glc 300

The GLC 300 tailgate view. ?: Connie Peters

This a beautifully appointed luxury car so it’s easy to see why it’s a best seller for Mercedes Benz. I loved the interior, the tech, and the safety features. It drives like a dream and has every feature I would want for my family’s daily driving needs. And, If I need anything else all I have to do is ask.

Disclosure: I was hosted by A Girls Guide to Cars and was able to test drive the Mercedes Benz GLC 300 over the course of three days.
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