2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport SE : Top 10 Swoon-Worthy Details

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It’s all in the unique details and design.

When we’re thinking about how cars can improve our lives, what comes to mind? From a rearview camera, multimedia center with navigation, and ample seating for everyone to fit inside safely- what brand are you thinking of? When you think of the Land Rover, there’s a pause. And it’s a good one.

Remember the first time you hopped in one for a drive? This was my first experience. The 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport SE starts at $44,600, has a combined 21 MPG, and 246 horsepower with a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.


What I Love

  • The panoramic roof brightens up your ride with scenic views.
  • There’s plenty of seating and cargo space for all types of adventures.
  • With lights this bright and a clear heads-up display, you’re ready rain or shine.
  • There are plenty of places to charge your devices.
  • It’s easy to park and has the prestige to turn heads.
Land Rover Discovery Aggtc-1

What’s not to love? This SUV is perfect for driving around town in style solo or with the family. ? Elias Garcia

Here are My Top 10 Swoon-Worthy Details in the 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport SE:

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With a backup camera this clear, you can clearly see what is behind you. Thank you for investing in its clarity and not pixelating an important feature! ?: Elias Garcia

❤️1. This Has One of The Clearest Back-Up Cameras.

One advantage to having this SUV is that you’re higher up, and with that visual benefit, there comes great responsibility to ensure your path is clear. This rearview camera not only shows you what is in sight directly behind but also it comes in crystal clear. The side mirrors also angle downward in case you like to hop curbs or not. This is important when going off-roading. Did you know you could do that in this SUV? Luxury on and off the road at its finest here from where I sat. 

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Seats that cushion your tush and allow for relaxation on the short and long drives ahead of you. ? Elias Garcia

❤️2. With An Upgraded Leather Interior, the Discovery Brings Extra Comfort with Its Seating.

The seats are extra plush. What does that mean? It has easy-to-clean seats with attention to lumbar support, so you can comfortably drive or lounge happily as a passenger. Personally, I’ll take the passenger seat, so I can enjoy the view. The best part? There’s not a bad seat in the SUV. 

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The easiest child lock system with the push of a button. ? Elias Garcia

❤️3. Easy Child Locking at Your Fingertips Keeps Everyone Safely Put.

Sometimes it is hard to find the child lock for both the window and the locking mechanism. However, Land Rover made a smart choice to make it top of mind when in the driver seat. To your left, above where you’d rest your arm and closer to where you adjust your mirrors, you’ll see the big child lock button. One and done. Nice work, Land Rover. Family safety was clearly important when designing this feature. 

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There’s lots of space and it is easy to get the car seat in there, too. ? Elias Garcia

❤️4. Quick, Effortless Child Seat Latching and Ample Space above the Car Seat Keeps the Whole Family Safe and Comfortable.

Don’t worry about bopping your kid on top of the head when lowering them into the car seat. (I know I’m not the only one!) The latch system is easy to get the car seat into the back seat, while giving your kid enough headroom.

Bonus: your little one is less likely to create a mural above them. 

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It’s cool having so many buttons and options at your fingertips on the steering wheel. ?Elias Garcia

❤️5. Unique and Useful Steering Wheel Controls Bring Attention to Detail, while You Focus on the Road.

Steering wheels are pretty standard across the board, but now, they’re becoming mission control centers. I feel like I’m manning the battle station or playing my favorite video game. Land Rover is smart when they made a touch-sensitive and button operable steering wheel. While you’re driving, you can adjust the volume by swiping in a circular motion. Want to swap the track? Press the next track button and you’re good to go. 

Land Rover Discovery Aggtc-13

Keep your head up and informed along the way. ? Elias Garcia

❤️6. Its Heads-Up Display Looks Out for You with Displaying the Speed Limit No Matter Where You Go.

Say no to tickets and yes to the heads up display. When driving around, it can be unclear what the speed limit is until you’re getting chased by the red, white, and blue lights behind you. I love that the Land Rover Discovery’s heads up display show the speed limit, how fast you’re going, and what gear you’re in. 


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Set your favorite preferences and other drivers can, too. ? Elias Garcia

❤️7. Personalized Driver Settings are Great for Families with Multiple Drivers. Just Hit the Memory and Set It. 

Drivers can set custom adjustments, so there’s freedom in getting into your ride and not taking extra time to move the seat back just right. I know when my husband drives my car because the seat is low and all the way back. I prefer different settings, so this helpful feature would allow me to set my driver preferences and not interfere with his driver memory either. Land Rover has made this awesome attempt at ending the great “Who drove my car?/What did you do to my seats and mirrors?” predicament. 

Land Rover Discovery Aggtc-14

These are a few of our favorite things. ? Elias Garcia

❤️8. There are a Ton of Places to Charge Devices.

With more places to charge, you can put all of the kids’ iPads and your phone plus some remaining outlets for other necessities—or rather, luxuries. It’s thoughtful and mindful of today’s growing “Where can I charge?” epidemic, and well, no one will be asking, “Are we there yet?” They can just Google it. (There’s WiFi and a hotspot, so set it up and keep working on the road while your spouse drives on that family road trip.) 

Land Rover Discovery Sport Se

Open up this trunk! See the space inside. ? Elias Garcia

Land Rover Discovery Aggtc-8

Easy access and lots of storage? Now that’s a win. ? Elias Garcia

❤️9. Hands-Free Trunk Loading at the Touch of Your Key Fob is Totally Worth It.

Forget the leg wagging like you’re doing the latest dance moves without a reward. Hold the key fob trunk button and let the trunk do the work for you. Like waving a magic wand, it opens and allows your tired, full-of-stuff arms to safely and securely pack away items into the cargo space. And when you’re finished loading, simply press the button again, or if you’re tall enough to tap the trunk button inside, it’ll close for you. Simple, easy, and functional. That’s very convenient especially with traveling or short trips to the grocery store or mall. 

Land Rover Discovery Sport Se

Rain or shine, enjoy the natural light and views. ? Elias Garcia

❤️10. I Loved the Fixed Panoramic Roof to Soak up the Sun and Enjoy the Blue Skies Ahead. 

Save the best for last! The fixed panoramic roof is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Beautiful day outside? Or do you like to watch the rain or snow? Open that panel into the world above you. My son and I just stared up before leaving home. It allows you to appreciate the little things and find another reason to smile when you’re looking up. 

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport Se

Take a good look at this SUV! ? Elias Garcia

The 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport SE will Take You On and Off the Road in Style, Comfort, and Functionality.

The safety features with the clear cameras, spacious interior, comfy seats, ample charging, and gorgeous views above, it’s easy to see why these swoon-worthy details caught my attention. This is the SUV where style and functionality come together to give your family what you need to and from all of life’s important activities.

What We Listened to in the Land Rover Discovery Sport SE:

Disclosure: The Land Rover Discovery Sport SE was provided for this story. All opinions are my own.

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