USED: Why Do People Buy Luxury SUVs? The 2020 Acura RDX Answers That Question

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If you don’t know why people drive luxury SUVs, I’m about to tell you.

Before I drove the 2020 Acura RDX, I wasn’t convinced that luxury SUVs were really worth the luxury price tag. I like luxury everywhere in my life – when it comes to clothing brands or travel, I’m all in with the whole “you get what you pay for” and “quality is worth the splurge.” But, when it comes to auto purchases, I’ve always been kind of frugal. I’ve never subscribed to the whole “car is a status symbol idea” – although I am a firm believer in “you do you.” For me, a car is something that gets you from one point to the next. Beyond “not embarrassing,” the way a car looks has never been very important to me.

And then I met this beauty…

The 2020 Acura Rdx - Why You Need A Luxury Suv

Everything about the 2020 Acura RDX is swoon-worthy ? Jill Robbins

Road tripper, carpooler, A-lister and everything in between

We drove the 2020 Acura RDX from Atlanta on a family road trip through the southeast U.S., hitting spots in Tennessee and Alabama. We did a mix of in-town and highway driving and this beauty didn’t disappoint in any way. While the 2020 RDX has all the luxury bells and whistles that make it the quintessential road trip car, it’s comfortable and easy breezy enough to be your every day take the kids to school car, your daily get to work transportation, or a date night ride.

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The 2020 Acura Rdx Is The Ultimate In Luxury Suvs

Loading up our bags at the Marriott Birmingham. The Acura 2020 is a great family travel car for anyone who likes to travel in style ? Jill Robbins

The Designer Accessory I Didn’t Know I Needed

When I think of a luxury vehicle, I think of something I could emerge from wearing a designer cocktail dress and strappy, high-heeled sandals and breeze right into an A-list party. It doesn’t matter that I can barely walk in the one pair of strappy high-heeled sandals that I own or that I’m not on anyone’s A-list outside of my immediate family. But I have an idea of that luxury vibe that you just can’t pull off climbing out of a minivan or most SUVs. The 2020 Acura RDX is at home everywhere. Even though most of my time behind the wheel of this car was spent in shorts or sundresses, that luxury vibe is there and made me stand up a little taller. The same way a designer accessory gives you confidence when you pull together a look.

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2020 Acura Rdx Luxury Suv

These guys are A-listers to me. And, while the 2020 Acura RDX IS a luxury-class SUV, it’s not so fancy that you can’t get a little sand inside ? Jill Robbins

She Turns Heads

Because people were looking and admiring this car. And not only because of it’s gorgeous red color but it’s style.

The 2020 Acura Rdx Luxury Suv

The Acura is definitely a luxury brand that people pay attention to ? Jill Robbins

So…Why Luxury?

You’ll pay for the upgrades but they make a difference. Some you’ll notice immediately and some are more subtle…but I guarantee you’ll notice them when you switch cars after two weeks of driving a luxury SUV. Ask me how I know.

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Dual Touchpads With 2 Screens

Things like the dual touchpad that will display two screens are a definite upgrade ? Jill Robbins

There’s Luxury, Then There’s Luxury

I have leather seats in my (sigh) six-year-old minivan. There’s a definite difference in the leather seats you’ll find in the 2020 Acura RDX. The leather is buttery soft and I found myself thinking “I wonder if Acura makes handbags?” Yep…that good.

And…just that little bit of  “sit up and take notice” when someone sees you pull in in a luxury SUV like the 2020 Acura 2020? Better than a gift from Tiffany…not like I would know, but work with me here, people who have imaginations.

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The 2020 Acura Rdx - Why You Need A Luxury Suv

The view from the driver’s seat in the Acura RDX ?Jill Robbins

Who Is This Car For?

  • Couples, young professionals, and small families (two or fewer kids). The Acura RDX can comfortably accommodate two child seats in the rear. The rear seat is also comfortable for adults, so this is a perfect car for a double date, an adult’s night out, or transporting clients in style.
  • Tall people. Whether you’re the driver or passenger (sitting in any seat in the car) you have plenty of legroom and room between the top of your head and the interior roof.
  • Anyone who wants affordable luxury. This car offers a lot of luxury for a very reasonable price tag.
Trunk Open And Luggage Ready To Roll

Struggling solo mama traveler or badass woman with clout and taste? It might come down to the car ? Jill Robbins.

How Much Does the Acura RDX Cost?

  • The base price of the 2020 Acura RDX is $37,600;
  • There are several different trim models to choose from but the model you see in the pictures is the 2020 2.0 liter turbo 10-SH-AT-SW-with Advance Package that weighs in at $47,000, which really isn’t a bad jump from basic luxury to serious luxury.
Cargo Space

A secret compartment under the cargo floor is precious, and the extra space is another luxury ? Jill Robbins

What We Loved About the Acura RDX

There’s so much to love about this car. Very little not to love. Here are the highlights:

We really loved the seats – the leather was truly buttery – and the dual-screen display. We also loved the hidden storage in the rear. There were two different compartments that can be used to store small valuables or just to offer extra space. We thought this was especially handy when parking your car and leaving valuables inside – like a camera or a purse. You can tuck your possessions out of sight and not worry that your property is going to tempt someone to break into your car.

We also really loved the dual infotainment screens. It allowed me to keep my mapping app front and center and still see my Spotify playlist. The simple things are so important when you’re on the go, aren’t they? See also: the fact that the 2020 RDX is Apple Car Play compatible is a bonus, although this is becoming a standard issue in new cars.

The gas mileage is great, too. The 2020 RDX gets an average of 23 MPG in both the city and the highway.

What didn’t we love? I can’t think of a single negative, other than that the price tag is probably higher than what my family would personally pay. That said, my takeaway from driving this car is a greater understanding of why someone would choose a luxury SUV. Maybe that’s the right choice for you.

2020 Acua Rdx

All packed up and ready to go…where we headed? ? Jill Robbins

Acrua Rdx

SHOTGUN!! ? Jill Robbins

Acura Rdx

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner ? Jill Robbins

Disclosure: Acura provided the RDX for this review; all opinions are my own.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Used: Why Do People Buy Luxury Suvs? The 2020 Acura Rdx Answers That Question - Why We Buy Luxury Suvs

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