10 of the Best Car #10YearChallenge Photos

10 Of The Best Car #10Yearchallenge Photos

10 Of The Best Car #10Yearchallenge PhotosDon’t we all look better now than we did 10 years ago?

The #10yearchallenge has recently taken over the internet. This challenge has people post fun photos of what they looked like ten years ago. But what about our cars? They change, too!

We thought we’d join in on the fun by posting some of our favorite car models and what they looked like in the past. It’s always fun to see how a car’s design has transformed.

Lexus ES350

10 Of The Best Car #10Yearchallenge Photos

Lexus ES350 then and now ( 2009 and 2019). Photo credit: Top: AutoGuide.com Bottom: Simplysassystyle.com

The upgrades on the 2019 ES350 are not only dramatic, but they are also dynamic! The Lexus ES350 a nice business/family luxury car but its upgraded design is simply stunning! I had the chance to test it out and fell in love with this car! And trust me when I say, there is so much to love- inside and out

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Volkswagen Jetta

10 Of The Best Car #10Yearchallenge Photos

Volkswagen Jetta then and now ( 2009 and 2019). Photo credit: Top: The Car Connection Bottom: Simplysassystyle.com

The newly designed Jetta has a competitive edge, is super fast, and comes equipped with 10 colors of ambient lights; a first for Volkswagen. I had the chance to put the pedal to the metal a few months ago and I just couldn’t get enough. She is one fierce ride!

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Mercedes Benz G-Wagen

10 Of The Best Car #10Yearchallenge Photos

G Wagon then and now ( 2009 and 2019). Photo credit: Top: Motortrend.com Bottom: ABIGAIL BASSETT

The new G-Wagen recently premiered and it is a total BOSS! For the first time in nearly 40 years, Mercedes has fully redesigned this iconic vehicle. Celebrities are obsessed and so are we. Thanks, Mercedes for gracing us with this beautiful beast.

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Honorable Mention: Lincoln Continental

10 Of The Best Car #10Yearchallenge Photos

Lincoln Continental then and now ( 2009 and 2019). Photo credit: Top: Edmunds.com Bottom: Lincoln Media

TheLincoln Continental went out of production in 2002,  but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t find them on the roads 10 years ago. They just looked a bit dated and in need of a makeover. Which the model got a couple of years ago. And now, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the redesign of the is the coach doors, a limited edition model built as a special 80th anniversary edition with doors that open outward from the center. With only 80 made, all 80 sold out right away. This car, as from its first days, offers the finest driving luxuries to their drivers.

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10 Of The Best Car #10Yearchallenge Photos

The 2020 Toyota Supra, and the 2002 model, its last model year. Photo: Toyota (top) and Pinterest (bottom)

Honorable Mention: The Toyota Supra

This car, too, ended production in 2002, but the Toytoa Supra is back for the 2020 model year in a big way: Toyota partnered with BMW to develop this sports car that is destined to be driven on some of the best tracks on the planet. And the buzz around this car is incredible! It is spunky, sassy and fierce. We loved it then and we definitely love it NOW! Big thumbs up to Toyota for bringing back an old fave.

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The #10Yearchallenge Has Taken Over The Internet. We Thought Our Cars Looked Good Then... But See What They Look Like Now!

2019 Toyota Supra. Photo Credit: autotodays.com

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