Hello Gorgeous: Smart, Luxury and Design Define the New Era of Lincoln

2020 Luxury Lincoln Suv

Driving a Lincoln will make you feel fabulous.

Lincoln has just gotten a makeover and they’re ready to flaunt it. And after getting into one of the brands newest models, you’ll feel it too: not only will you indulge in luxury, but you’ll look and feel fabulous. Everything from the technology to the sound, interior design, and exterior details reveal a revamp you need to know about.

Megan McKenzie, Marketing Manager at Lincoln Motor Company, spoke at the December International Motor Press Association meeting to share the details and Lincoln’s vision. McKenzie, who has been with Lincoln for 8 years, shared how the company sets itself apart through DNA, quiet flight, and energy. Quiet Flight defines a new era of Lincoln, and specifically, inspired the new Aviator, Lincoln’s premium 3-row plug-in SUV, including innovative, first-time tech features and premium luxury details. Lincoln makes sure their consumers get a beautiful experience on the inside with a gliding feeling on the outside.

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2020 Luxury Lincoln

The all new 2020 Lincoln Aviator 3 row luxury SUV. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Black Label, the Ultimate Luxury, Sets the Stage for Lincoln’s Next Era

Like Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label, which represents the best of the iconic designer’s premium designs, Lincoln offers their own premium Black Label models. These high-end models are only available at certain dealers and the model sell out in 15 days. But, they drive more demand for the standard premium experience that Lincoln is striving to be known for.

It’s working. Lincoln sales are up 17% across the board, with Navigator showing a 74% increase in sales, the MKC crossover up 20% and the new Nautilus SUV making nice strides in Lincoln’s biggest markets, which include Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, and Atlanta.

2018 Lincoln Navigator: the 3 Row SUV You’ll Never Want to Leave

Be Lincoln’s Guest!

Remember the enchanted furniture in Beauty & the Beast? Think of this car as “enchanted.” Lincoln features human-like tech. Your car lights up as it senses your presence and kneels down to make sure you get in comfortably. Forgetful when it comes to your keys? Lincoln gives drivers cell phone access- you can drive away by simply using your phone. Tech in a Lincoln will also look for potholes and bumps and ‘absorb’ them so you don’t feel them and neither does the car. Even the car’s chimes and alert sounds are special. The chimes were recorded by the Detroit symphony orchestra. Lights, music, magic. Surely, a ride fit for a queen.

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Joy Falotico Lincoln

Joy Falotico, president of Lincoln Motor Company, takes the driver’s seat as she introduces the all new Aviator at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Customer Service at Its Finest

Lincoln prides itself on their dealership experience. The company goes above and beyond to help make things easier for their customers. Imagine wanting to test drive a car and the salesperson arrives at your home to make it happen. That’s what a Lincoln dealership will do for you. And once you become a customer, the same goes with maintenance. A service rep comes to your home, office, school- wherever you happen to be.

2020 Lincoln Aviator

The front grille of the 2020 Lincoln Aviator shows the new design direction of the brand: Distinct, elegant, elevated. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Lincoln Aviator: Pure Class and Elegance

Earlier in November, the world got its first look at the 2020 Aviator, which goes on sale in summer 2019. The Aviator features a v6 engine with 400 horsepower. Lincoln’s newest three-row luxury SUV is fully loaded with bells and whistles that will make you feel like as fancy as Bruce Wayne… or Matthew McConaughey.

The Aviator comes with a spacious cabin that provides comfort and luxury combined. A Revel Ultima 3D Audio System can re-create an authentic concert-hall experience emanating from 28 speakers throughout, while “Perfect Position” seats deliver paramount comfort for the driver and front-row passenger. Charge your phone with a wireless phone charging base. Multiple power outlets keep other passengers connected and entertained.

1961 Lincoln Continental

1961 Lincoln Continental Back Door. Photo Lincoln Media

Continental’s Coach Doors Make A Graceful Entrance

Lincoln also announced a special 80th edition Continental with coach doors that open from the center. These doors offer a grand entree to the cabin, and in the past were popular but most car companies discontinued them because they were thought to be unsafe. However, modern safety features such as auto locks ensure they are safe and meet all standards.

Coach doors conveyed elegance and a touch of Hollywood glam decades ago. For 2020 they will make just as grand an entrance – as a limited edition: only 80 of these models will be built ensuring collectors edition status.

Continental clients will have their choice of Lincoln Black Label themes. This is the brand’s most personalized level of luxury, including Chalet and Thoroughbred. And the luxury doesn’t end there, clients also receive membership privileges which include annual vehicle detailing, carwashes and access to a selection of restaurants where noted chefs will provide a curated dining experience.

0Th Anniversary Lincoln Continental

Limited run of 80 units, honoring Continental’s 80th anniversary, will be produced for the 2019 model year, each personalized with a unique badge.

Luxury Lincoln 2020

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