A New Year, a New Beginning, and a Powerful New Future

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A Girls Guide To Cars

Welcome to the next era of awesome!

And welcome to A Girls Guide to Cars. We are thrilled you’re here.

We are thrilled to be here, too.

You might have gotten to know us over the last five years as SheBuysCars. We started the site in 2013 as a brash, outlying interloper, staking out space in the auto world in order to assert our power because, after all, women are the most powerful car buyers on the planet.

We took on the challenge with, admittedly, a little fear, but soon realized that the auto industry was waiting for us to arrive. They, too, realize the power women have as car buyers and want to have a more meaningful relationship. It was kismet.?

Fast forward five years and we found new opportunities staring us in the face: a chance to rebrand and to bring even more focus to you, the driver of most cars and of most of the car market. So we decided to take it.

A Girls Guide to Cars is Born

This is not a do-over or a restart but a continuation and re-doubling of our original mission: to empower women to be smarter, happier car owners. We will work to include more women in the car conversation, bring more opportunity to women as car owners, and broaden the movement of women in the car industry both as buyers and as employees and executives.

First, Let’s Talk About You

Because that is our focus in 2018 and beyond. We will continue to bring the car conversation to you; to empower you to make smart, confident car buying choices.  To embolden you to talk about cars, think about cars, to drive cars, and to even love cars.

Imagine that—you might actually love cars when given the right opportunity to see them, explore them, and enjoy them on your terms.

Then, Let’s Talk About Girls

We had a few questions—not that many, really—about using the term ‘Girls’ in our name. But we are in the midst of a revolution and girls are at the center of it all.

Girls are our future, girls harness hope, energy, and power. Girls are ageless, they don’t see young or old; they see spirit and intention, hope and opportunity.

Girls bond together and raise their voices as one, lifting and amplifying each other to forge understanding and change.

Girls support and collaborate; they look to each other for intelligence and inspiration, they celebrate each other’s achievements and learn from them so they, too, can achieve their own goals.

Women, females, ladies,—no matter how we see ourselves—know it’s important to keep our inner girl alive. Our inner girl is optimistic, hopeful, and fun. Our inner girl is the connection between us and our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.

Girls are our past and our future, and girls are our now. This revolution we’re in the midst of and our journey beyond it will be driven by girls, no matter where you are in your girlhood.

A Girls Guide To Cars

Now, Let’s Talk About Us

All of us. Because that is where change happens. Not just girls taking a stand and raising a voice but the boys who empower us with their support, knowledge, and love.

The boys who are empowered by girls achievements—yes they exist and there are more of them than you think!— who take pride in a girls journey, who follow in those footsteps because the status quo didn’t feel right to them, either.

The girls who are further down the path, the girls who are just starting their journey and all of us together lending a hand so we can all conquer this road together.

Empowerment: That is Our Promise to You

We want you to be a smarter, happier car owner. Join our mission here and also on Facebook (@AGirlsGuidetoCars), Twitter (@GirlsGuide2Cars), Instagram (@AGirlsGuide2Cars), Pinterest (@AGirlsGuide2Cars) and YouTube (@AGirlsGuidetoCars).

Bring your voice, your power, and your energy, and put your stamp on this revolution. And #DriveLikeaGirl.

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