The Ultimate Holiday Playlist for your Holiday Road Trip!

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Traveling for the holidays is a favorite ritual. Make the journey even better with our holiday playlist!

Many families will be on the road soon traveling to see family for the holiday season. And while road trips are great, an even better way to set the mood for your crew is a good holiday playlist. Wherever you stream or download your music, make sure to add these fabulous holiday favorites to your playlists!

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Classic Holiday Tunes

There is no getting around our love for the traditional holiday tunes we all grew up with. And we don’t want to! Introduce your youngsters to these songs and continue the traditions, or play them on repeat to relive your highlights from holidays past.

Rockin’ Christmas Tunes

Remember when these songs felt new? Well, they are now classics and have definitely stood the test of time. Even though they may have a distinctive feel of the 70’s and 80’s, they warm our hearts just as much today.

Pop Christmas Tunes

Some variety in your holiday playlist is good. These poppy tunes freshen up your trip with some more modern tunes and updated versions of classics.

But wait, there’s more! Be sure to add these to your holiday playlist, too.

And of course, there are some fun extras that fall a little outside those other categories. Put them in their own playlist and enjoy the mix!

Music Makes the Moment

Music can make the trip go faster, and be more enjoyable. We hope this holiday playlist helps you and yours create wonderful memories on your holiday road trip. Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

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