Want True Love All Year Long? A Red Car, or One With a Red Interior, Will Light Your Fire

Red Car Valentine'S Day Featured Image

Go ahead, spice it up.

We love red sole shoes, red lipstick and red roses. And, we love red cars and red interiors. Red catches our eye and makes our hearts beat a bit faster. It feels fast, fresh and rich, even when we are not. 

Honestly, a white car with a red interior might be my forever combination. However, a rich, velvety red exterior or one with a foil-like gloss finish definitely sways me. Red paint makes me smile every time I glance out the kitchen window, or as I see my car approach the valet drive when I’ve asked to retrieve it. No matter the car, red brings its lines and curves together in a way that no other color does.

So for your Valentine’s Day dreaming, we put together our favorite red exteriors and interiors. Because true love should last all year.

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Yes, There is Perfect Red

We have to start with Mazda’s red paint. It’s called Soul Red Crystal, and it may be the most beautiful paint ever. Ever.

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Surround Yourself with Red Leather

But there’s nothing like a red leather interior to make you feel so posh and perfect. Something that Porsche knows so well.

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Sports Cars Should Be Red, Right?

If there’s any car that should be red, it’s a sports car. They just go faster if they are red. So it’s fitting that the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta has so many red cars on the track.

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Every Girl Needs a Red Truck

We love that this Jeep Gladiator was wrapped in red paint! Not great for camouflage in the forest, but super sweet to see in your driveway.

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Red Is the Perfect Winter Accessory

There’s nothing like a red car to chase the winter blues away. White, gray, silver and black simply fade into the winterscape. But not red. And it gleams even as you dig it out from under the snow.

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A Red Car Looks Good Everywhere

This red 2022 Lexus NX looks good at the beach, on a parking deck or near a wall of pink flowers. We just can’t get tired of looking at it!

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Red Keeps it Real, Even When The Car is Futuristic

The red color of the Mustang Mach-E – plus, a white interior! Click through to see –  red gives this car a familiar look and feel, even though it’s all-electric and reimagined from the ground up.

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Hello, Hottie

If you’re going to name your SUV “Blazer,” it needs to come in a spectacular red paint color. Right?

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Red Has Always Had Our Hearts

Clearly, red interiors have been making hearts beat faster for a long time. And these classics continue to if you ask @JerseyGirlTexanHeart.

Red Isn’t Just for Cars

If you just can’t commit to a red car or a red interior, we get it. That’s what we love about @neonhue’s take on dressing red, which looks great against the backdrop of a white Toyota Camry.

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