Toyota Goes All In On Hybrid, the Only Option for the Redesigned Sienna Minivan and Re-Introduced Venza SUV

Toyota Hybrid

The future is electric and it is going to be fabulous.

Well, ladies, you won. You voted with your wallet buying Toyota RAV4 hybrids, Highlander hybrids and 15 million like-minded people who bought Priuses since 1997. 

Gas is cheap, gas is pricey, gas is cheap again and yes, you still want the best MPG you can get. Because it’s not just about the price of gas, but the time it takes to fill the tank, the miles between fill ups and yes, paying less because always, more money in your pocket is better than less. 

Toyota is with you. The company announced that going forward, the Toyota Sienna Minivan will only be available in a hybrid (hear that noise? It’s me cheering LOUDLY!!!!). And, the company announced the return of the Toyota Venza mid-size SUV, also only available in a hybrid.  

A Girls Guide To Cars | Toyota Goes All In On Hybrid, The Only Option For The Redesigned Sienna Minivan And Re-Introduced Venza Suv - 2021 Toyota

The 2021 Toyota Venza. ?Toyota

Now More Than Ever, Your Car is Your Haven. Sienna and Venza are Here to Serve.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this pandemic, it’s the value of time with our loved ones. The impact that we all have on our environment. And getting where we need to go safely. And, it’s a haven, a happy place that we can make our own. Those ideas take center stage in the redesigned Toyota Sienna and the all new Venza.

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Toyota Hybrid

The center console of the Toyota Sienna… with a place to put a handbag! ?Toyota

The Lowdown on the 20201 Toyota Sienna Minivan

“We took an unconventional approach,” said Ben Jiminez, chief designer for materials at Calty Design, Toyota’s design studio. “The current vehicles felt disconnected, so we lifted the console brought functionality close to hand,” which makes it feel more engaging intuitive to the driver and passengers. While the Sienna incorporates number of popular minivan features, the Toyota design team really thought about where they should go and put them where they are more useful. For instance, the vacuum cleaner option is housed in the center console, not in the rear, so you don’t the to get out of the car to use it. Among the features in the completely redesigned 2021 Sienna are:

Toyota Hybrid

Oh those reclining center seats… 25″ of space means room for the footrest. ?Toyota

  • A new premium Platinum trim level with luxe features like head up display and a refrigerated cooler 
  • A newly designed center console with an angled surface that puts all controls at your fingertips 
  • 9” touch screen with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa
  • Sliding and reclining second row seats (with a 25” slide range!) have pop-out footrest ottomans
  • Kick-motion activated lift gate and sliding doors
  • A vacuum cleaner located in the center console 
  • Rear seat reminder is standard
  • 7 USB ports and a household outlet, now located in the cargo area
  • 243 HP and up to 33MPG with 3500 lbs tow capacity 
  • All wheel drive is an option
  • Five grade levels: LX, XLE, XSE, Limited and Platinum
  • A new exterior design that updates the Sienna with a modern, more streamlined look
  • TSS (Toyota Safety Sense) is standard

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Toyota Hybrid

The Sienna offers a refrigerator in the center console in the Platinum model. ?Toyota

And, as has been the history, Toyota will continue to work with outfitters to customize the Sienna for adaptive needs. In fact, Toyota is working with several Paralympic athletes to customize their Siennas and we may see some of these in the 2021 Paralympic coverage. 

Toyota Hybrid

The vacuum in the Toyota Sienna. ?Toyota

The 2021 Sienna will start to show up at dealerships toward the end of the year and pricing hasn’t been announced yet. You can look at the current Sienna for a general idea of how the 2021 model may be priced. 

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Toyota Hybrid

The center console and infotainment system in the 2021 Toyota Venza. ?Toyota

The Lowdown on the 2021 Toyota Venza SUV 

The Venza, imported from Japan, is a “premium level 2-row SUV in an underserved, important segment,” said Bob Carter, EVP of sales, Toyota Motor North America. It is “positioned between the RAV4 and Highlander, 100% hybrid and all wheel drive.” This is a great choice for buyers who want an SUV but want something more elegant, less rugged and don’t need a third row.

Toyota Hybrid

The Venza’s Star Gaze panoramic roof gives you the option of frosted or clear glass. ?Toyota

Welcome Back, Venza

It’s nice to see the Venza make a return to the Toyota lineup. In its previous life it was the quiet outlier— demure and understated but still, all the quality, reliability and capability that we know Toyota for. Here’s what you can expect in the 2021 Toyota Venza: 

  • All models are hybrid
  • Three trim levels: LE XLE and Limited
  • SofTex leather-like seating
  • Star Gaze fixed panoramic roof, which switches from frosted to clear glass with the touch of a button 
  • Height adjustable kick-motion activated lift gate 
  • 12.3″ touch screening 
  • JBL audio system with premium option
  • 4 USB ports 
  • Smart key 
  • Head up display 
  • Digital rearview mirror 
  • 219 HP up and up to 40 MPG 
Toyota Hybrid

The center console and infotainment system in the 2021 Toyota Venza. ?Toyota

The Venza should make its way to Toyota showrooms in August; pricing has not yet been announced but it’s expected to come in somewhere between the RAV4 and Highlander.

Toyota Hybrid

The TSS line up of safety features ?Toyota

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