Charging in Style: 5 Things to Love About the Range Rover PHEV SE

Yes, it's luxury built for royalty; yes, its driven by celebrities, and yes, it's gorgeous. But what makes the Range Rover PHEV SE so special? Let me count the ways.

Connie Peters With The Range Rover Phev
Connie Peters with the Range Rover PHEV. Photo: Connie Peters

This is the Essence of Quiet Luxury

Isn’t the ability to ride in true silence a luxury? How about driving past all those gas stations where people are freezing/sweating/getting rained on as they stand next to their car pumping gas? 

And then, there’s serious luxury: bespoke leather interiors, top drawer technology, a beautifully sculpted exterior, a drive experience that is a destination in itself. 

All that is all wrapped up in the Land Rover Range Rover P440e PHEV SE, priced from $108,000 USD. In 2023 Range Rover added a plug-in electric hybrid option, shortly after the SUV was fully redesigned. The addition of a plug just made it all the more luxurious.

The Plug Is Exclusive, Too

The plug-in hybrid powertrain is only available on the base SE trim, and not even on the long wheelbase which has a 3rd row. I imagine that will be available in the future, but for now, to get the PHEV, you’ll have to opt for the standard wheelbase SE trim. 

But I will tell you, the ‘base model’ is nothing to scoff at; standard features even include rear steering and air suspension –features that are typically a hefty upcharge on other brands.

Yes, our test model had some options added, which you can do too; ours had a red ceiling headliner, a spare tire, fancier 22″ wheels, a heated windshield, pixel LED headlights, 24-way power seats and more. 

There are so many reasons to love the Range Rover plug-in-hybrid, but here are my big five.

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Range Rover Phev

Range Rover PHEV. Photo: Connie Peters

1 – Mainly, it’s a Plug-In Electric Hybrid.

What does that even mean?

There is a conventional gas-powered engine and there is an electric motor; they work in tandem to boost both power and fuel economy. The electric motor runs on a battery that is charged both by driving a and regenerative braking and also by being plugged into a power source. You can plug it in at home on a 120V level-one household plug and recoup about 50% of the battery overnight, or you can take it to a level 2 charger or even a DC Fast charger. Some people get Level 2 (240V) chargers installed at their home when they buy a PHEV but it’s not totally necessary. Considering this car gets so much electric range, I would consider having a level 2 installed at home if I were to buy this for my daily family car.

The 2023 Land Rover Range Rover P440e PHEV SE offers more electric range than any other PHEV I have driven. With up to 50 Miles (80 kilometres) in pure electric range, you really could get through your entire week with plugging in at home and not using any gas with this if you plug in at home every night.

I drove over 400 km (248 miles) the week I had this and got 6.86 L/100km in fuel economy, that’s over 34 mpg! If I had a level 2 charger at home or taken this to a DC Fast charging station, I would have done even better.

It’s worth noting that the only other plug-in hybrid I’ve seen with fast charging capability is the Mitsubishi Outlander.

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The Luscious Red Interior Of The Range Rover Phev

The luscious red interior of the Range Rover PHEV. Photo: Connie Peters

2 – The Interior Makes You Feel Rich

The interior was refreshed and renewed on this latest version of the Range Rover. Our test model had the beautiful Deep Garnet Red carried all throughout, with not a detail overlooked. The red stretched all across the dashboard, the lush seating, even the back of the driver and passenger seats, to the headliner. Being enveloped in red leather just makes you feel rich.

Every detail has been considered – even the back of the driver and passenger seats. In most luxury cars, I still see plastic backs here, but not on the Range Rover. It’s all leather and the color continues through the entire seat surface, front and back.

From the gorgeous clean dashboard covered in leather, to two glove compartments with hidden buttons, and an incredibly crisp, brightly defined touchscreen controlling every aspect of your comfort, the driver’s seat is your ultimate control centre.

The Iconic Front Face Of The Range Rover

The iconic front face of the Range Rover. Photo: Connie Peters

3 – The Exterior Makes You Look Rich

A Range Rover is one of the most easily recognizable vehicles on the road and this new redesign, with the plug-in hybrid, is no different. The Royal family drives these, or should I say get DRIVEN in these. Celebrities, rock stars and wealthy business moguls drive these. The body style is iconic and classic, and refreshing redesign does it justice.

But how? It starts with refined body lines and a perfectly crisp line that spans each side below the windows, drawing your eye back across its broad shoulders. Then, the grand, modern back end with the Range Rover name spelled across the lift gate. Even its face is iconic, pronouncing its arrival. It’s all new and is epically first class.

Even Its Rear End Is Gorgeous

Even its rear end is gorgeous. Photo: Connie Peters

4 – There’s Room for Everyone

The generous interior of this SE trim was plenty for my family of five, with three full-sized human children, but a third row would be welcome. You can’t get that option on this PHEV, but you can on the other trims in the longer wheelbase option.

The comfortable leather seating is just a cozy in the backseat and when we went out as a family; I didn’t hear one complaint about the girls sharing space on that second row bench.

If that’s not enough, the spacious seating for all five passengers gives you first class seat vibes.

Yes, it’s a large SUV and you could argue that it might feel too large for parking lots and carpool lanes. But not wanting you to dent its pretty bumpers or scrape its fenders, the Range Rover has sensors and cameras with crisp, clear images and notifications that you will not hesitate for a moment to back in to a parking space.

Oh, and then, the car’s technology can park the car FOR you. Yes, you read that right. We know a lot of cars have parking assist technology now, but playing with the Range Rover’s was made extra cool with the super clear screen and cameras. It will parallel park for you, pull out of a space for you, or pull into a perpendicular spot for you.

Me With My Ride

Me with my ride. Photo: Connie Peters

5 – The Ride is the Real Reason … for the Price Tag

With rear steering, air suspension, drive modes for anything you could possibly need, extensive off-road capability, the ride, the technology behind the extremely powerful and comfortable ride is why this SUV carries a six-figure price tag.

But it’s effortless and incredibly smooth to drive. It’s Royal-worthy, with standard air suspension and rear steering of about 7-degrees that can make a u-turn in a single lane for a quick getaway. Or for every day life, for squeezing through a busy parking lot or pull into a tight parking space. The ability to do this can be priceless.

Too many critics and pundits dismiss the loveliness of a plug-in electric hybrid.  But the convenience of being able to charge at home, to bypass the gas station and ride in quiet luxury shouldn’t be dismissed. And in those cities where PHEV drivers qualify for a pass to drive in the HOV lane even when you’re alone? The gift of time is truly a luxury. A quiet luxury.


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