SUVs and Crossovers Take Over Sedans

Lincoln Mkc
Lincoln MKC: the new generation of crossovers offer space, capability and better fuel mileage

Sedans Take a Backseat; SUVs and Crossovers Are The Most Popular

Go to an elementary school at pick up time, a beach parking lot or count cars at the drive-through window and you will agree with a new IHS Automotive report: the most popular car in America is no longer a sedan.

Sedans, the car of choice for generations of Americans, have been eclipsed by SUVs and crossovers, according to an article in the New York Times.

The report measured new vehicle registration numbers, which showed that in 2014, 36.5 percent of the new vehicle registrations were SUVs and crossovers, while sedans accounted for 35.4 percent.

With choices like the Lincoln MKC and Mazda CX-9 it is easy to see why many buyers are forgoing sedans.

Many of those new SUVs and crossovers have come at the expense of station wagons, which made up just 1.2 percent of new car registrations. Like walking to school alone and spending after school hours unsupervised, sitting in the way back of the station wagon may no longer be part of an American childhood.

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