From Flying Yachts to Rare Luxury Cars, Supercar Blondie Turns Her Talents to Car Auction Site SBX Cars

We love Supercar Blondie's take on exotic, one of a kind cars – as do her 16 million followers. Now, her car auction site, SBX, allows a lucky few to bid on some of them.

Supercar Blondie
Supercar Blondie with the Mercedes AMG One. Photo: Supercar Blondie

Now You Can Buy (Some of) the Drool-Worthy Cars She Shares on Social Media

Perhaps you’ve seen snippets of Alex Hirschi’s videos when she unveils the wildest, craziest, most expensive cars in the entire world. The name doesn’t ring a bell? That’s because Alex is better known as Supercar Blondie on the internet, a play on her long blonde hair (which is currently tinged with bright magenta tips).

Supercar Blondie (SB, for short) commands a huge online presence with 16 million followers on Instagram, 18 million on TikTok, and 18.5 million on YouTube. Think about some of the biggest online stars you’ve heard of, and SB’s reach is right up there with them. In the past week, she reviewed a DeLorean concept car, the newest Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, and a $4 million Lamborghini yacht. And now she’s taking on her biggest reveal yet: her new global digital auction platform SBX Cars.

SBX Cars officially launched on April 2 with an impressive $100 million-plus in confirmed consignments. While the site will include classic cars, hypercars, supercars and special vehicles (like that Lamborghini yacht!), it’s easy to see that hypercars and supercars have Alex’s heart. After all, she’s not called Supercar Blondie for nothing.

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Supercar Blondie

SBX Cars is a new venture for Supercar Blondie, aka Alex Hirschi. Photo: Supercar Blondie

The Evolution of Supercar Blondie

Before she was an internet superstar, Alex had a radio show for five years. Bentley offered her a loaner car and she thought, “Wow, this is incredible!” She had always loved cars, and she could see a path rolling out in front of her that brought her passion and her experience together in one medium as Supercar Blondie.

Alex told me that she is not a technical car specialist, which is why she believes her platform is so successful. She says she felt that the car industry consisted of guys talking all about the engine or scantily-clad women draped on the hood of the car as a decoration (of course, Alex calls it a “bonnet” and not a hood, because she’s Australian). She wanted to establish her own kind of brand, and in 2017 Supercar Blondie was born.

“Everyone has a relationship with cars,” Alex says. “Cars should be fun, but it seemed the automotive world was dominated by men who think they know everything about cars, and that only appeals to a small number of people. I’m more like a neighbor pointing out cool things.”

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Supercar Blondie

Supercar Blondie is auctioning these types of exotics on her new website. Photo: Supercar Blondie

Launching an All-New Site for the Coolest Cars in the World

Currently, SB Media has offices in Dubai, Prague, and London, with developers in Bulgaria. It’s a bona fide empire, and Alex and her husband Nik Hirschi – the CEO of SB Media Group and co-founder of SBX Cars – have been working hard to build SBX Cars from scratch over the past year. It’s the only auction site selling high-end supercars and concept cars, she says, which is her bread and butter. And it all came about because of her fans.

“Over the last few years, we’ve received lots of email messages from people asking us to help broker a sale or buy a supercar,” she says. “Our focus has been on the media site, and we didn’t have time to do that, at the time.”

Those messages got her thinking about the hole in the market where her business would fit very well. After all, she’s an expert when it comes to finding high-end cars. With the launch of SBX, Alex is also pushing out a new YouTube channel, and she may be traveling more than ever.

All of the travel can be challenging at times, because Alex and her staff of 65 are working around the world to find the coolest cars on the planet. It helps that Nik works and travels with her, so they get to span the globe together.

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Supercar Blondie

Alex Hirschi and the Hyperion XP-1. Photo: Supercar Blondie

So, What’s on the Auction Block?

In the press release announcing Alex and Nik’s new site, SB Media announced SBX Cars would feature world-first exclusives and other fantastic finds, like the world’s first public auction of the Mercedes–AMG One and the Hyperion XP-1 prototype. There’s also a “one-of-three LaFerrari prototype, Tyde’s inaugural hydrofoiling electric glass yacht designed by BMW,” and the Tesla Cybertruck. On top of that, you’ll see a one-of-nine Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and one of  just three ever made Lamborghini Veneno Coupes.

Supercar Blondie is excited about her future, and she should be. She already has millions of followers across her platforms and an opportunity to create something that fits her perfectly. While she’s presenting and selling all of these multimillion-dollar vehicles, Alex is very chill, and she’s easy to talk to. In our brief phone call, we chatted like old friends because that’s the kind of personality she has; she is a people person.

“I love that I get to meet so many people that I never would have without this business,” Alex says. “When people hear that I’m coming to a particular city, they reach out and we meet up.”

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