Superbowl Sneak Peek: Car Ads

Vw Angels Super Bowl Ad
Volkswagen's Angel's ad, set to air during the 2014 Super Bowl

Why Watch Football When The Commercials Are So Good?

Broncos versus Seahawks? Well, for some people, maybe. In our house it’s all about watching the ads.

Since the ads can go by so fast that a quick trip to the ladies room can cause you to miss some of the best spots, and we didn’t want you to miss the car ads, we’ve recapped them here for you, along with some ‘teaser’ ads that are fun, too.


This might be our favorite:

Huyndai’s “Dad’s Sixth Sense.” OK, so it’s not just moms who do this:

And this will make you smile, even if you’re past the stage of having everything Muppet in your DVD player: The Toyota “Muppets” teaser:


And the ad: Toyota’s Muppets and Terry Crews:


We love that this ad takes itself so seriously that it pokes fun at how wrong things can go. VW’s “Meticulous Engineering:


And here’s the real ad; we wonder, though, every other car company has women engineers; is VW a little behind the times? VW’s “Wings:”

OK, sometimes it’s fun to be the evil woman and toy with a man. Hyundai has fun with this—we especially love that Richard Lewis shows up, complaining! Hyundai’s “Nice:”


Audi made a good run at making compromise funny, but we’re not sure this ad sells us a car as much as makes us rethink dog ownership (though I can’t wait for my dog to see this one!): Audi’s “Doberhuahua:”


Ah, if only the whole world would react with such positive conviction when you make what might be a risky decision: Buying a used car. Car Max’s “Slow Clap:”


And, if you love a good British spy thriller (or good jokes about Brits), it looks as if this campaign may go on for a while with fun new installments.  First, the Jaguar Teaser ad:


And then, the Jaguar “British Villains:”


Enjoy the game!

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