Soho lands Cadillac: boutique and gallery filled neighborhood is Caddy’s new home

No Caddy, you're not Kansas, or Detroit anymore - this is Soho

Detroit-based Cadillac moves to New York’s Soho

The downtown New York neighborhood, Soho, has long lost its gritty, arty feel, becoming a place to shop for luxury goods like Prada,Vespa and Rag & Bone. Bloomingdale’s opened a branch there, along with Topshop, the first in the United States.

Now General Motors is moving the business end of Cadillac to the swanky Soho, hoping the luxury luster will shine up its top brand.

The cars will still be made in Michigan, and Cadillac has some big plans there, too, with an autonomous-driving Cadillac SRX in the works and an all-new bigger luxury sedan.

Will Cadillac fit in with neighbors like Vespa, Dash and Helmut Lang?

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