Sleeping With The Cars at V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel
The Mercedes-Benz suite at V8 Hotel. Photo: Courtesy V8 Hotel

Are you ready to sleep with cars?

At the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany, car love has reached the level of sleeping together. As home to the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums, Stuttgart is a city where the automobile takes center stage. But the car experience doesn’t end when the museums close. You can spend the night surrounded by cars at the V8 Hotel at MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart.

V8 Hotel

The car love starts in the lobby at V8 Hotel. Photo: Terri Marshall for AGirlsGuidetoCars

Housed in the former Württemberg airport in Böblingen just outside of Stuttgart, the V8 Hotel is all about cars. From the elevator with wallpaper depicting the inside of a garage to coffee tables made from tires, automobile details are everywhere. Every room has a connection to the automobile, but the most obvious connections are found in the hotel’s 10 car themed rooms. These are some of my favorites.

V8 Hotel

It’s all about scrap metal in the Nostalgia Scrapyard room at V8 Hotel. Photo: Courtesy V8 Hotel

Junking things up in the scrapyard room

You’ve heard the saying “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” and the Scrapyard room proves this to be true where car scrap metal dominates the décor. The room is filled with uniquely designed furniture and murals – all created with junk – um, I mean treasures.

V8 Hotel

Get your kicks in the V8 Hotel Route 66 room. Photo: Courtesy V8 Hotel

Get your kicks on Route 66

Yes, the V8 Hotel is in Germany, but the hotel gives a nod to this classic American road in the Route 66 room. Sleeping surrounded by a panoramic wall picturing sections of Route 66 and all kinds of original motorcycle artifacts will have you road tripping in your dreams.

V8 Hotel

Pit stop in the V8 Hotel Formula 1 Racing room. Photo: Terri Marshall for AGirlsGuidetoCars

Take an extended pit stop in the Formula 1 Racing Room

Recharge your batteries with a pit stop in the Formula 1 Racing room where you can relax on a race car bed beside the fastest tires in the world. And be sure to step up and take a selfie on your own personal victory podium – it may be your only chance.

V8 Hotel

It’s a starry starry night in the Drive In Cinema room at V8 Hotel. Photo: Terri Marshall for AGirlsGuidetoCars

Go retro under a starry sky at the Drive-In Cinema

Spend the night in a converted Cadillac Coupe de Ville under the stars in the Drive-in Cinema suite The ticket booth serves as a wardrobe and when the lights go out, a starry night sky appears. This room has enough beds to sleep five so you can take the whole family to the movies. Bring along some popcorn because there really are movies – classic movies playing on the DVD.

V8 Hotel

Get polished and buffed in the Car Wash room at V8 Hotel. Photo: Terri Marshall for AGirlsGuidetoCars

Working – I mean sleeping at the car wash

Out of all the rooms the Car Wash room is my favorite. The bed is a converted Mercedes-Benz surrounded by giant car wash brushes. The desk in front of the bed is the back end of the car going through the car wash ahead of you. And the best part is the shower where massaging brushes scrub off any body dirt you’ve picked up along the road and a full body dryer eliminates the need for towels. How cool is that?

V8 Hotel

Get a tune up in the Garage room at V8 Hotel. Photo: Terri Marshall for AGirlsGuidetoCars

The themes keep rolling along

You can also sleep in a converted VW Beetle between neon gas pumps in the Gas Station room. Or go for the top in the Mercedes Suite located in the former airport tower with a private sauna, private rooftop terrace and captivating views over the entire airfield complex. And don’t be startled by the mechanic’s feet sticking out from under your elevated bed in the Garage Room.

Check Out The Classics At Motorworld Photo: Terri Marshall For Agirlsguidetocars

Check out the classics at MOTORWORLD Photo: Terri Marshall for AGirlsGuidetoCars

And when you’re not sleeping with cars you’ll be checking them out

Connected to the hotel in the former halls of the airport, MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart displays classic cars, sporty young timers, and rare vehicles. The hotel also offers packages with admission to the Porsche and the Mercedes-Benz Museums. One visit to the V8 Hotel and you too will be sleeping with the cars.

Disclosure:  The V8 Hotel hosted my stay, but the car love for these themed rooms is all my own.

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