Drive Like a Royal: Touring the Prince’s Car Collection in Monaco

The Prince'S Car Collection Monaco

HSH (His Serene Highness) Prince Rainier, better known as the husband of Princess Grace Kelly, had a thing for cars. Hot, fast cars.

His princely collection is on display in Monte Carlo. It’s a fitting spot for a car museum. After all, since 1929, Monte Carlo has been home to the famous Monaco Grand Prix. But you don’t have to be in town for the big race to see sexy cars. Just walking the streets of Monaco is like strolling through a moving car museum. Bentley. Rolls. Lamborghini. You name the hot car, you’re likely to see it zipping by on the rolling streets of Monte Carlo.

1959 Fiat - Prince'S Car Collection Monaco

1959 Fiat. Photo: Cindy Richards

If you miss the cars driving around the streets, just hop in a cab and head to the Casino de Monte-Carlo. Stroll around the square and you’ll feel like Bond, James Bond. If only you could summon the valet to bring you one of those Ferraris for the ride back to your hotel.

1954 Sunbeam Alpine Prince'S Car Collection Monaco

1954 Sunbeam Alpine. Photo: Cindy Richards

The Princely Car Collection

But I digress. We are here to talk about the Prince and his cars. There are about a hundred of them on display inside the museum at the base of Castle Rock, the shore outcropping that is home to the royal palace. The royal car collection was moved there in 1993 after the Prince outgrew the palace garage.

The Prince'S Car Collection Monaco Includes This Buggy And The Royal Horse Tack.

The prince’s car collection includes this buggy and the royal horse tack. Photo: Cindy Richards

On display is a stunning variety of cars. There are the ones you would expect to be in a royal collection—the Bentleys, the Rollses, and the Maseratis. And there are some that came as a surprise, including a few Chryslers, Fords and Lincolns. And, of course, there’s a section that houses a smattering of the Formula One race cars that scream through the streets of Monaco each year.

The Prince'S Car Collection Monanco Includes This Emission-Free Lexus Ls 600H Landaulet.

The prince’s emission-free Lexus LS 600h Landaulet. Photo: Cindy Richards

Albert Continues the Princely Car Tradition

The current Prince, HSH Prince Albert II, seems to be bit of a tree hugger. The royal couple toured the town after their wedding in an emission-free Lexus LS 600h Landaulet. A Belgian coachbuilder spent more than 2000 hours converting the car to be fully emission free. That car also is on display in the museum.

Albert has his own car dreams and he has been changing up the collection. A few years ago, he auctioned off some of the more mundane members of his dad’s collection, including the car my Grandpa used to drive, a 1964 Dodge Dart.

Prince'S Car Collection Monaco 1916 Unic Annee

1916 Unic Annee. Photo: Cindy Richards

So, if you happen to find yourself in Monte Carlo as I did awaiting to board the Regent Seven Seas Voyager for a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea, you have lots of options. You can stroll along the harbor wondering who owns the mega-yachts moored there. You can try your hand at blackjack in the casino. Or you can just day dream of a royal life that includes tooling along the winding streets of Monaco in a 1952 Nash Healey convertible, just like a prince would.

From Chryslers To Mercedes, See What The Royals Drive With A Tour Of The Prince'S Car Collection, Housed At A Museum In Monaco. Find It At The Base Of The Mountain Where The Royal Palace Sits.

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