OnStar: Peace of Mind in New Chevy Cars

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Onstar Logo RecentHave you had any experience with OnStar? It may be hard to believe but I had never even ridden in a car with OnStar (at least not that I know of) much less driven one. That all changed last week when I had the chance to test drive a red-hot Chevy Camaro at my annual conference at Disney World.

I learned many interesting things about OnStar and I am pretty sure I will make sure the next car I buy has it included. Right now when you buy a 2015 Chevy, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicle you get five years of a new OnStar Basic Plan, as well as six months of OnStar Directions & Connections.

One of the things that stood out to me the most is the extra security. I am a military wife and my husband is gone A LOT. I think knowing I had backup with me in the car would give me some peace of mind. I have lost count as to how many times I have driven across the country with my kids by myself. This is something military spouses get to do all the time. And I have to admit when I am traveling such long distances I am constantly worried that something could happen, especially when I am in the middle of nowhere.

With OnStar here is just some of the backup I would have:

    • Turn by turn directions anytime I needed them.
    • Emergency assistance.
    • Vehicle diagnostics through the OnStar App including tire pressure, fuel tank level, and oil life.

An added bonus is that OnStar now has 4G Hotspot capabilities. You can launch the hotspot and connect up to 7 devices to it. I can literally imagine a road trip with this and in my imagination it is looking real good.

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