Nissan Wants to Give Your Mom a Car…Made of Chocolate

A Girls Guide To Cars | Nissan Wants To Give Your Mom A Car...made Of Chocolate - Boxofnissans
A sweet #BoxofNissans Mother's Day.

A Mother’s Day present that can melt Mom’s heart.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to show her some love. You could make her a new macaroni necklace, but a brand new car is an even better idea. Nissan has a plan to give your Mom not one, but 15 cars this year.

Nissan is calling the promotion #BoxOfNissans and it includes a tasty assortment of chocolate Nissans for your Mom to enjoy. There are five each of three different cars to appeal to all kinds of moms.

“Each box contains five white-chocolate GT-Rs (for the high-octane mom), five milk-chocolate Rogues (for the sweet and ready-for-adventure mom), and five dark-chocolate Maximas (for the bold mom who got you to soccer on time and was sure to enjoy the drive).”

Your Mom may not fit all of those categories, but we’re willing to bet she’ll eat all three varieties anyway.

Milk, Dark, Or White Chocolate To Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth. #Boxofnissans

Milk, dark, or white chocolate to satisfy every sweet tooth. #BoxofNissans

You can’t buy these chocolates, but you can win them for your Mom by sharing why she’s the best of all the moms. You can share your story on Twitter with #BoxOfNissans and #Contest or on Facebook or Instagram. Head to BoxOfNissans for all the details and give your mom a very sweet ride this Mother’s Day.

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