New Britax Infant Car Seats: Be Safe With B-Safe

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Premium infant car seats for our most precious cargo.

When Britax introduced its new line of infant car seats, B-Safe 35, to a slew of New York bloggers, it hosted a ‘shower’ at Sarabeth’s, a local chain of restaurants.

I found the choice ironic – when my 23 year old was a baby, the Upper West side location forbade strollers. You couldn’t even check them. Now, the huge Park Avenue South restaurant, the fifth location, was filled with Britax travel systems, so we could all see how easily the car seats could snap into strollers. Huge strollers.

Infant Car Seat

The even more advanced B-Safe 35 Elite, in a cow print

Perhaps Sarabeth’s recognized a connection between people willing to shell out $16 for a plate of goldie lox (divine scrambled eggs with smoked salmon) and parents snapping up $200 infant car seats.

I mean, those car seats are good for only up to 35 pounds (hence the ’35’ in the seat’s name), and once your baby is holding her head up, you are likely to switch to a regular car seat. We used an infant car seat for only about six months before moving our kids into convertible, rear-facing seats.

But while you have your precious infant, he is supremely protected in the B-safe seats, with SafeCell Impact Protection, a level beyond the government requirement. An impact absorbing base and energy absorbing foam protect vulnerable babies in any type of crash. An even more premium version of the car seat, B-Safe 35 Elite (which retails for $250), offers advanced head protection.

Easy travel

Infant Car Seat

The base stays behind; pop the car seat out to carry your baby and snap into a stroller

The B-Safe infant car seats integrate with the Britax Travel system; the base stays in the car, while the seat easily pops out and snaps into a Britax stroller.

Anyone trying to cram multiple car seats into a single back row of a car or minivan will appreciate the streamlined base. By the time we had our third child, our oldest wasn’t even in a car seat; good thing, since the bulky infant we had couldn’t have fit in a car with two regular car seats.

Style in mind

When Britax introduced its new click tight convertible car seats earlier in the year, it showcased the bright patterns. Those fun animal prints are also coming to the infant car seat line.

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