Momtrends: back to school fashion and fun

Back To School
Put your best foot forward with Stride Rite's back to school collection

Finding out what’s in for back to school with Momtrends

Back To School

Does lunch taste better in Vera Bradley’s colorful tote?

This is the last year that I have a kid in high school, and hopefully the last time I ever have to worry about lice. This pest has plagued our family of thick, curly haired girls from preschool on up and it is so virulent that I swear the girls once got it when another kid (Patient Zero) rode in our car and her hair infected the cloth seats. This is an argument for leather seats in cars, and leather couches at home, and also a shout out to Vamousse , a new product I saw at the Momtrends back to school event a couple of weeks ago. Vamousse is non-toxic and pesticide free, yet kills the lice and, more significantly, the nits (aka the eggs). Not to nit pick, but a product that just kills the lice isn’t the least bit effective – you have to get all those pesky nits out of the hair – and they glue themselves in. This mousse eradicates lice and their progeny in 15 minutes, with no endless combing.  My youngest daughter’s hair is so thick and curly that a comb through with a lice comb took three hours!

Stylish back to school kicks

But style is also paramount to a Momtrends events, and this one didn’t disappoint. Stride Rite has made, well, great strides in upping the fashion quotient of its shoes, with Keds and Sperry Topsiders, along with adorable Kamik rain boots, comfy Merrells and a downloadable size chart if you want to shop online.

Back to school and brown bagging it

Back To School

Revolution Foods meal kits make choosing lunch easy

The event was held in Vera Bradley’s showroom and I was surprised to learn that the designer makes very chic and colorful lunch bags. We have lost many a lunch bag around school, on the soccer field and basically anywhere our kids went; these are easy to spot, soft sided and durable (note: it would take a certain type of boy to feel secure enough to carry one of these – the lunch bags, along with the luggage – are best suited to girls and women).

Pre-made lunch – and healthy, to boot

Have you had this argument? Your child sees some junk food advertised, or another child at school has it and he must Eat It Now. Revolution Foods cleverly disguises healthy food in junk food packaging. You know the little boxes I’m talking about, the kind you would never feed your child, unless it’s late, you forgot to buy the right kind of bread, you have to leave early tomorrow..

Back To School

Itching to get back to school? Don’t let lice get you down

Revolution Foods has four different brightly colored meal kits (though why not five, one for every school day?).  The grab and go kits have at least 7 grams of whole grains in each, and one serving of fruit – and the cheese is from milk without growth hormone, the meat antibiotic free with no nitrates or nitrites.  There are only two vegetarian options: a peanut butter and jelly kit and a pizza kit, along with ham and cheddar or turkey and cheddar. But they certainly beat that other packaged meal kit, the one where eating the box might be the healthier option. Disclosure: I got samples of some of the products, but was not compensated for this post.

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