Mail on holiday – Daimler giving employees a break

On vacation - and no reading work emails!

A vacation at Daimler means no work emails

Are you enjoying the end of summer three day weekend, or are you using the extra day off to catch up on work?


After a vacation, does your inbox look like this?

If you live in Germany (and therefore don’t have a Labor Day holiday, but never mind) and work for Daimler, you can truly disconnect while on vacation.

The German automaker, maker of Mercedes-Benz, allows employees to set their work email to “Mail on Holiday” status, which automatically deletes the email of a vacationing worker, but offers an alternative contact to the sender.

This also helps employees when they return from vacation; they don’t confront an onslaught of emails in their inbox if they didn’t read work email while on holiday.

Maybe the program can be extended to weekends, so people don’t spend Sunday nights reading email when they should be watching Mad Men or finally tackling Breaking Bad.

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