Lunch & Drive Thru Oil Change | Who You Calling A Dipstick?

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Pouring Motor OilConsider it a lunch date.

Quick, grab your favorite drive-through lunch and head to your local drive-through oil change artist.

Why not?

Several auto oil change stores guarantee a 10 minute oil change. You might not be able to eat your whole burger in that time! Don’t leave your car, just drive in and snack in the driver’s seat. Happily munching your take-out—killing two birds with one 10W-30!

Have toddlers with you?
Make sure you bring along a happy lunch treat for them too!

What a Dipstick!!
No Really…

Eating Bojangles On My Lap In My Car During Oil Change LunchRecently I was enjoying exactly this, waiting in the stall of Express Oil Change with my sandwich from Bojangles (a new-to-me Southern Fast Food joint).

The gentleman opened my 8 year old mini-van hood… and with a surprised look on his face walked around to show me that my oil dipstick had broken off and the long metal piece was stuck down in the oil pan. Who knew that was possible!

After typing #INeedThis? on Facebook, I asked what was supposed to happen now?

Several minutes and 3 different oil change dudes managed to get the dipstick out of the oil pan. With that accomplished they called around to a few auto stores—with no luck on my exact dipstick being in stock. After a pow-wow they decided yes I could drive around for a few days sans-dipstick while I try to locate one on my own. If this ever happens to you…

Replacement Oil Dipstick Options

  1. Oil Dipstick Replacement A Girls Guide To Cars Carissa Rogers GoodncrazyCall Auto Parts Store
    Give your make, model and year of vehicle (several places did not have mine in stock).
  2. Universal Oil Dipsticks
    Under $10, but I was worried about fitting my vehicle well? These were in stock though.
    There were several replacement options available, but it was hard to tell if I was choosing the exact one for my van. Cost was under $10.


Who’s the dipstick now?
The rest of the missing dipstick story goes like this:

I bought the $7 replacement dipstick via Amazon. But it wasn’t on the Prime shipping list so I had to pay shipping for a total of $13 and it took 3 days to get here. It fit correctly and now I know… broken dipsticks happen!


Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. Bojangles REALLY does have amazing biscuits. The oil change dudes at my local Express Oil were very nice and didn’t call me a dipstick even ONCE. And I’m still surprised the auto parts stores don’t stock replacement dipsticks. Who knew?

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