Should You Buy New Tires From Your Car Dealer? Maybe… Here’s How to Tell

Tire Rack Allowed Me To Choose The Installation Shop
Tire Rack allowed me to choose the installation shop, making my tire buying process even easier.Credit: Anna Mae Trievel

The five stages of grief might just start with the phrase “You need a new set of tires.” It opens the floodgates of financial fear. From “I guess we’ll cancel our dinner reservations,” to “the kids need braces!” to the ultimate tear-streaming realization, “vacation might have to wait until next year.” That’s the reaction I’ve had more than once when taking my car to the dealership for service. In my experience I didn’t always need new tires and I never needed to replace them immediately (more than once the service tech was flat-out wrong).

But take a deep breath. When it comes to new tires you have options. Lots of options. And the good news is that you don’t have to buy tires from the dealer who sold you your car.

How to Know You Need New Tires

New Tires
Credit: Scotty Reiss

What Type of Tires Do You Need? Here’s How to Tell

Winter Tires Grip The Snow For Better Traction Ebay Motors
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OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer Tires

Fresh New Tires From Pirelli.
Credit: Pirelli

When To Choose Non OEM Tires For Your Car

Kumho Tires
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Yes, You Can Tire Shop Online—And It’s the Best Way

Learning About The Tires And Tread
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Or, Buy Your Tires Through Costco

How To Buy New Tires From Tire Rack
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Caring For Your Tires Will Make Them Last Longer

Hercules Tires
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Are Your Current Tires Still Under Warranty?

Tire Rack'S Tire Decision Guide
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When You Should Buy Tires From the Car Dealer

Lincoln Vitrine Dealership
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How To Avoid the 5 Stages of New-Tire Grief

Aaa Worth It Efficient Flat Tire
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