After Road Tripping in the Kia K5 GT, This SUV Girl is Now a Sedan Fan

Kia K5 Gt

Sporty design and great performance in the Kia K5 GT made the trip evermore fun.

I’m an SUV kind of girl and haven’t driven a sedan in years. But I had the privilege of driving this Kia K5 GT for a week, and it slowly but surely grew on me. It was definitely a fun drive, we felt safe, and the performance was impressive.

We road tripped from North Texas to Chickasaw Country in south-central Oklahoma for a weekend getaway. What better way to go than driving a sporty car? But in a mid-size sedan I was afraid we’d be squeezed on space, or that it would be slow going, but it honestly out-performed all our expectations.

It’s been years since I drove a sedan so I didn’t know what to expect. But the K5 GT delivered an above-average ride, and with its comfortable but assertive drive experience, good looks and gas savings — it surprised me. We were comfortable, had plenty of room for our feet and our luggage, and the get-up-and-go was there in spades. I kept thinking I was going faster than I actually was.

I read about Kia K5 when we reviewed it last year; you can check out the in depth perspective here.

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Kia K5 Gt

Sporty Look of the Kia K5

It’s All In The Drive

Not only does the Kia K5 have a fresh, athletic look, but the drive is even better. It had more pep and faster response than any SUV I’ve ever driven. The punch was there, so I had to be careful not to speed; it was easy to do. The ride was smooth and controlled over all types of roads: it excelled on the highway, but it was just as capable on a dirt road.

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Kia K5

Kia K5 GT Panoramic Sunroof

2021 Kia K5 GT: What We Loved The Most

With its driver-oriented cockpit and outstanding technology, the K5 completely transformed our city life into a weekend in the country. With the sunroof open we were in awe of the view around us. If you’ve ever been to Chickasaw Country, then you know the beautiful scenic views are something to indulge in. Just another reason we loved having the sunroof open. Here’s what else we loved:

  1. Great gas mileage – more money to spend on meals and souvenirs
  2. The good looks of this car
  3. The sporty performance
  4. Plenty of room in the backseat
  5. Technology – everything I needed as a driver was at my fingertips
  6. Keyless entry and push-button starter – makes getting in and heading out even easier
  7. Panoramic sunroof was the bomb
  8. Heated/Cool seats – my seat was heated and my girlfriend’s seat was on cool…the whole time.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | After Road Tripping In The Kia K5 Gt, This Suv Girl Is Now A Sedan Fan - Kiak5Gtitsakia

Kia K5 GT Gas Saver, Sporty, High Performance

Gas Mileage

The gas mileage aspect was spot on. We were able to go on our trip using one tank of gas with gas to spare. I am a road tripper and I don’t necessarily like stopping at gas stations twice in one day. In the Kia K5, we did not have to; the gas gauge lever barely moved.

Sporty Look

From the GT seats to the running lights that look like lightening bolts, the creased hood lines and side panels and the spoiler on the trunk, this car’s look contributed to our road trip from the city to the country, making us feel sophisticated and, well, sporty.


Thrilling performance with looks to match …perfect for our countryside tour in Oklahoma!!

It outperformed my expectations. Kia K5 GT is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine and 290 horsepower $5,100. Again, this is a pretty nice price considering all that you get.

A Girls Guide To Cars | After Road Tripping In The Kia K5 Gt, This Suv Girl Is Now A Sedan Fan - Kiak5Gtme

After All… It’s A Kia

The great performance and good looks of Kia may be a surprise to anyone who hasn’t looked at the brand in a decade. These cars are beautifully designed and have what it takes under the hood to get you there in comfort or if you prefer, a pulse-elevating drive. The K5, the thrilling Stinger, the rebellious Telluride and the soon to be introduced electric EV6 are a family of mold-breaking cars. No wonder we loved our weekend in the K5 GT so much!

Disclosure: I was given the Kia K5 GT to drive for test purposes only. All opinions here are my own.

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