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2022 Easter Jeep Safari. Photo: Jeep
2022 Easter Jeep Safari. Photo: Jeep

Better start practicing your Jeep wave. You’re going to want one of these!

The 56th Annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah is happening, and the New York International Auto Show is happening! That means fun news from Jeep.

First, let’s talk Easter Jeep Safari. As a Jeep owner, the opportunity to experience this event is truly a dream. Alas, I am not able to attend it in person, but I was able to hear firsthand about some of the awesome Jeeps that will be highlighted there during a virtual press conference. I was excited to see that the legendary Jeep brand is doing what they do best- showing why people like me are die-hard Jeep fans. Jeep debuted a lineup of custom-built 4×4 and 4xe (plug-in hybrid) concept vehicles at the 56th annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Jeep Shares Exciting News, Outdoors And In! - Moab 2

Photo By Red Rock 4 Wheelers

The History of The Easter Jeep Safari

According to Red Rock 4-Wheelers (the group that runs the event), the Jeep Safari was started 1967 by the Moab Chamber of Commerce. It is now a premier event where owners come and push the limits of their Jeeps (there will be over 20,000 people in attendance this year). The very first trail was “Behind the Rocks Trail,” and more were added as the years went on. After reading about this group, I can’t wait to get my new Wrangler and head over to Moab for a visit!

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Jeep Shares Exciting News, Outdoors And In! - Moab Hill

Photo By Red Rock 4 Wheelers

A Great Opportunity For All Jeep Customers

“The Easter Jeep Safari is the perfect opportunity for the Jeep brand to push the limits of four-wheel-drive development and, most importantly, to stay connected with our customers,” said Jim Morrison, senior vice president and head of Jeep Brand North America. “Moab is a rite of passage for many Jeep owners, and to own a Jeep is to truly understand the lifestyle – It’s what the Jeep brand is all about. Whether it’s a Jeep concept or the latest Jeep production vehicle, our customers have the chance to get up close and personal with our passion projects during this event. From a fully capable, fully electric off-roader to rugged and powerful terrain tacklers, every concept is a true reflection of what our customers tell us they want and to give a taste of where the future of the Jeep brand and off-roading can go.”

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Me In A Jeep! Photo: Adeina Anderson

Me in a Jeep! Photo: Adeina Anderson

Jeep Is A Way Of Life!

To own a Jeep is to understand why we love them. I have been a Jeep owner since the ’90s, and having the off-road capability is why I bought my first Jeep. The ability to go fishing on the ocean and not worry about getting stuck, or rock climbing in Colorado and not worry about having the power to finish the trail is why I love Jeeps. And now, to know that I can go electric with my Jeep and still have the power to do the things I enjoy is exciting.

The Jeep Wrangler Magneto. Photo: Jeep

The Jeep Wrangler Magneto. Photo: Jeep

Magneto Isn’t New, But it’s Better

The first concept Jeep that Jim Morrison, senior vice president and head of Jeep Brand North America talked about was the all-electric Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0 concept vehicle. The first Magneto concept debuted last year, but this year’s Wrangler Magneto 2.0 has a lot more horsepower and torque (625 horsepower with 850 lb torque, to be exact). This was definitely one Jeep that would be fun to watch crawling up the rocks and taking the trail.

Rubicon 20Th Anniversary Concept Was My Favorite! Photo: Jeep

Rubicon 20th Anniversary concept was my favorite! Photo: Jeep

20th Anniversary Concept Celebrates Rubicon

Mark Allen, head of design for Jeep, shared the other 5 Jeep concept vehicles. 2023 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Rubicon model, so naturally Jeep created the 20th Anniversary concept of the Rubicon. With a V8 Hemi engine and hardtop with the sky-slider roof, this is definitely a showstopper. It was one of my favorite Jeeps they shared.

The Jeep 41 Concept Is A Hybrid. Photo: Jeep

The Jeep 41 concept is a hybrid. Photo: Jeep

 Military Looks, Plug-In Hybrid Power

Next was the Jeep 41 Concept 4 door Rubicon 4xe, which is a plug-in hybrid with a soft top and half doors. This is a throwback to the vehicle’s military roots with olive green paint. This Jeep brings back some memories from when I was younger.

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Bob Concept. Photo: Jeep

BOB concept. Photo: Jeep

BOB Is Awesome

And then there is BOB, which made us all giggle. It’s a Rubicon Gladiator with a turbocharged 3.0-liter Eco-Diesel V6 engine. The off-roading community really likes the Gladiator. They were already shortening the wheelbase, so Jeep went ahead and “bobbed” a full foot in length. It made this concept Jeep 12 inches shorter than a standard Gladiator right out of the gate. They also added a 40-inch tire. This Jeep was a dream, completely loaded vehicle that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. Photo: Jeep

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. Photo: Jeep

An Off-Road Capable Hybrid

Next up is the Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk with the 4xe system, which is the 2L turbo with a hybrid system to it so it’s a plug-in. It has a 33-inch tall mud terrain tire on a 20-inch wheel, this Jeep made me want to modify my 4×4 Grand Cherokee. The color was a beautiful industrial Blue with a truck bed liner roof. The roof on this one would be great for hauling my kayak around.

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The Birdcage. Photo: Jeep

The Birdcage. Photo: Jeep

The Birdcage Concept Looks Amazing

The “Birdcage” Jeep 4xe was the next one they shared. It’s a Rubicon with the roof taken off and added bars to the back and a cage to the top, hence the “Birdcage” name. They also added some concept steel fenders. The color was beautiful, it’s called eagle brown and will look great in the Utah sun. There is also an onboard compressor which is a great asset to this vehicle.

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Working Together Makes For Great Performance

The group that built these concepts are comprised of the Jeep brand team and Jeep Performance Parts by Mopar team. “Teaming up with the Jeep brand, there is no better place than the annual Easter Jeep Safari to show off our latest production and custom innovations to true off-road enthusiasts,” said Mark Bosanac, North America vice president of Mopar service, parts & customer care. “Unlike any other aftermarket offerings, our factory-tested and factory-backed Jeep Performance Parts are specifically designed and engineered to face the toughest trails in the world.”

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Jeep Shares Exciting News, Outdoors And In! - Wagoneer Mountains

2022 Grand Wagoneer (left) and 2023 Grand Wagoneer L (right)

But This News isn’t All Safari. There is Also the New York International Auto Show to Discuss

The all-new 2023 Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L were revealed at this year’s New York Auto Show.  With the added length and bigger wheelbase, the Grand Wagoneer L has 15.8 cubic feet more cargo space than the Grand Wagoneer.

Holidays, Here I Come! Photo: Adeina Anderson

Holidays, here I come! Photo: Adeina Anderson

Check Out That Cargo Space

The 2022 Grand Wagoneer that I drove had a large cargo space that worked great for hauling all my gear for my holiday TV shows. I know the extra cargo space in the new 2023 Wagoneer L would be even better for all my gear when road tripping across the country. The Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L’s overall length of 226.7 inches is a full 12 inches longer than the standard Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.

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2023 Wagoneer L Carbide. Photo: Jeep

2023 Wagoneer L Carbide. Photo: Jeep

New Details Look Sharp

I love the blacked-out look on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. The the all-new Wagoneer L Carbide features a blacked-out look with gloss black wheels, Black Onyx grille rings with Gloss Black grille texture. Other blacked out features include Gloss Black mirror and headlamp appliques, technical hydrographic instrument panel trim, and doors with Global Black seats. This would be the version I would get. It’s sleek and sharp and is a real showstopper driving down the road.

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2023 Wagoneer L Carbide. Photo: Jeep

2023 Wagoneer L Carbide. Photo: Jeep

The Wagoneer Can Tow Like A Boss

A year ago, my husband and I started researching vehicles to tow a trailer. I was surprised to learn that the Grand Wagoneer can tow up to 10,000 pounds, which is way more weight than the travel trailers we have been looking at. The high-strength steel body-on-frame of the Grand Wagoneer L uses advanced materials and engineering to be lightweight yet stiff and durable. This is truly a vehicle that can haul as much weight as some of the larger trucks. It also has a trailer hitch line-up assist with zoom that allows a seamless connection to a trailer. Jeep is very proud of this, as they should be.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Jeep Shares Exciting News, Outdoors And In! - Wagoneer Engine Top

2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III

Cutting The Carbon Footprint

Another great addition to the all-new Grand Wagoneer L is the powerful and efficient Hurricane twin turbo engine. It delivers premium performance with up to 15% reduction in emissions. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one part of Stellantis’ commitment to cutting its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 and to lead the transportation industry by achieving Net Carbon Zero by 2038. Those goals are key elements of the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Jeep Shares Exciting News, Outdoors And In! - Wagoneer Interior Screens

2023 Grand Wagoneer L features two 10.1-inch entertainment touchscreens with the available Rear Seat Entertainment system, which features independent streaming capabilities from major content providers.

Wagoneer Technology

One thing I love about the Jeep technology is the Uconnect. It doesn’t matter what type of Jeep I drive, my phone connects with no problems. The Uconnect 5 system in the all-new Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L offers more connected services and features with ease of use along with up to 75 inches of total screen area.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Jeep Shares Exciting News, Outdoors And In! - Wagoneer Night Vision

2023 Grand Wagoneer L features a standard 12.3-inch frameless digital cluster with available Night Vision Camera.

Night Vision Is A Great Safety Feature

My husband loved the passenger screen that gave him the ability to use the many features in the 2022 Grand Wagoneer we tested, including the night vision feature. These larger Wagoneers will have this technology, too.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Jeep Shares Exciting News, Outdoors And In! - Wagoneer Both

Grand Wagoneer (left) and Grand Wagoneer L (right). Photo: Jeep

Is it Possible to be More Excited?

I know the Safari Jeeps are concepts, but it’s always fun to see what technology comes out of them, and into Jeeps I can actually buy. And the Wagoneers revealed at the New York International Auto Show will be fun to see driving down the road soon, too. I’ll give them the Jeep Wave!

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