Hercules Tires Review: Why These Tires Gave Me New Confidence Behind the Wheel

Hercules Tires
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I never knew I could love a new set of tires. 

Like most young Millennials, I had never bought a set of tires for my car. When I had a flat tire some months ago I went into a panic; I didn’t know the tire size or even who it call when it came to replacing the tire. I had heard horror stories from friends and coworkers who had bought new tires and were ripped off or sold tires that were poor quality. Tires that are loud on the highway, poorly made or don’t last very long create an even more expensive problem. 

Note: This post is sponsored by Hercules Tires. All research, opinions and observations are my own. And if you want to test out Hercules Tires for yourself, the company is offering a rebate as an incentive through the end of September, 2020.

That experience made me nervous to drive long distances. When I planned a road trip to the beach with my roommate, she drove. I didn’t want to get stuck with another flat and I was not confident in buying new tires. It was easier to let her drive.

My hesitation to buy new tires is typical. With so many different tires on the market, it can be overwhelming and frustrating to know what to buy. What’s a good price for a tire? Where’s the best place to buy tires and have them serviced? Some people turn to their car dealership and may pay inflated prices for the security that they will put the correct tires on the car (and sometimes they don’t!). 

When I had the opportunity to try out a set of Hercules Tires I jumped at the chance. It would force me to learn something about these tires, which I had never heard of, and to learn about tire care in general. This is what I learned — and in hindsight I’m really glad I did.

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Find the Right Dealer to Buy Tires From and Have Them Installed

I was surprised at how genuine and caring the entire experience was. Since I was working with Hercules, my new tires were delivered to the shop where they would be installed (did you know you can order tires and have them delivered? I didn’t!). 

I arrived at A&W Auto Repair in Tuscaloosa, AL, a shop owned and operated by a father and son. With smiles and great service, they shared the history of their shop and their relationship with Hercules tires. They also shared an analysis of my current tires and alignment. And now I can understand the discomfort I or my passengers may have felt driving around in my car when they showed me this: 

Hercules Tires

The technician at A&W gave me this great before-and-after look at my car’s alignment and a printout of the final assessment after the work was done. I was shocked to see all that red on the left! ? Cameron Reiss

I was horrified! If I’d known my alignment was that bad I’d have planned to have it taken care of sooner. But these things change slowly and you get used to it. And, it’s hard to tell when you really need new tires. The easiest and most common way to know is to turn your steering wheel so you can easily see the tread on your tire. Then, put a penny into the space between the tread bands with Lincoln’s head pointing toward the center of the tire. If you can see the top of his head, your tread is too thin. If you can’t see it, you’re good.

I learned a lot from the guys at A&W. The didn’t make me feel bad about the condition of my alignment and they they said I was getting a good set of tires; they like the Hercules brand, which makes tires for all types of passenger cars, trucks and SUVs, because it’s a strong and reliable tire. They assured me that my driving experience would be great.  

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Hercules Tires

The code for the right size tires can be found on the door jamb of your car.? Cameron Reiss

Don’t Take Your Tires for Granted: Shop for Dependability and a Good Warranty

Maybe it’s because I’m a first time car owner, but I never knew tires had a warranty or how important the tire warranty is. With a warranty of 55,000 miles, Hercules Tires backs their tires with a performance promise, a promise of superior protection so you can always drive with confidence. “It’s simply an extension of the way we’ve always done business, putting our customers first and placing fairness and integrity above all,” the company says.

While a warranty doesn’t cover everything— it essentially covers manufacturing defects, road hazard damage and, with regular maintenance, normal wear up to the warranty mileage —  it makes you feel confident in the quality of your tires. The Hercules Tires warranty includes tread wear so, if for some reason the tires wear too quickly you’ll get a prorated credit on a new tire or set of tires. They also carry a road hazard warranty for two years; this warranty is also prorated for wear but will cover you if your tire blows out from hitting a pothole or a nail puncture. Think of it as a bit of a discount or incentive to stay with the brand; and with the price of tires, this is meaningful! 

As someone who is always on the go, it’s reassuring to know who to call and what to do to fix or replace a damaged tire. And, now I know who to go to for tire rotation, which is free for the lifetime of the tires from A&W Auto Repair, giving me more security knowing that my tires will be taken care of by the people who installed them. 

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Hercules Tires

There’s nothing like new tires for your baby.? Cameron Reiss

Now My Car Rides More Comfortably

At first, I was skeptical of the difference tires could make on a car like mine that is low to the ground. Being low to the ground means that every bump and pothole is bound to be felt, and even sometimes cue an “ouch” from the car and its passengers. After driving with Hercules tires, the difference is extremely noticeable. Large bumps in the road don’t feel as powerful anymore and stopping is smoother; I also can stop more quickly on my new tires than I did on the old ones. I feel more in control with my new tires which has not only led me to feel more confident, but also safe. 

I never thought I would say that I love my new tires. But now, time behind the wheel is more fun and I feel more confident. Confident enough to take a road trip to the beach and not worry about being stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire!

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