Gift Guide 2015: What You Want / Need for Your Car

Gift Guide

AGirlsGuidetoCars writers share their holiday gift picks. Happy shopping!

If recipients on your holiday list are car owners, gift giving is easy. A fancy travel mug, a gift certificate for a few car washes…or the new products, curated by our writers.

Gift GuideJana Seitzer suggests the Ventev dashport q1200. This device “charges USB 2.0 enabled devices 75% faster than conventional USB charging. This is great because the USB in my car doesn’t do a great job of charging my phone, which honestly drives me nuts. One might wonder: what’s the point of a USB charger if it doesn’t actually charge your device? This thing rocks. And it actually charges. I love it.”

Holly Reich said, “Etsy is my go to for handcrafted items. I searched for cars and came up with a fleece blanket printed with a picture of a cool vintage car. Described as “softer than a bunny”, this fleece is machine washable and hand made in the USA. The throw comes in four sizes: 90 x 90, 80 x 60, 60 x 50  and 40 x 30 (baby, child or pet sized).” Anyone who has shivered in a car in a dress will appreciate this gift.

Gift Guide

Hum helps drivers of older cars get a connected car

A more intelligent car

Fadra Nally found a compromise for “those of us who wish we had a connected car, but are still planning to drive their current car into the ground.” Hum by Verizon, will “make your car smart! Designed for older vehicles; (1996 and newer) you can now add Bluetooth connectivity to your car offering you the ability to use your phone hands-free, stream your music, or access emergency services. The device, retailing at $120, is free with a monthly subscription from Verizon of $15 per month.”

Gift Guide

WHOOSH cleans your touchscreen safely.

Already have that connected car?

If you car has a touchscreen, you might notice how greasy your fingers must be. Within minutes most car touchscreen are marred by oily residues. WHOOSH! has a non-toxic cleaning solution specially designed for vehicular devices and electronics. It comes with an antimicrobial cloth; used in combo, the solution and cloth help screens resist fingerprints. You can also use it on your phone, car DVD player or tablet. Available at Best Buy, Target and WalMart.

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