Ford reveals next gen infotainment system: SYNC 3

Sync 3
Ford's new SYNC 3 system

Ford Improves Connectivity with New SYNC 3 Debut.

At home, I often turn to my youngest daughter to solve my tech problems. But in a car, this would be doubly humiliating – she can’t even drive. For those of us confused by the bells and whistles of the latest infotainment systems in new cars, Ford is offering a simple, more intuitive way to pair your phone with your car’s infotainment system.

SYNC 3, which replaces the MyFord Touch system, will roll out in some Ford and Lincoln models in 2015, and will be in the entire lineup by 2016.

Raj Nair, Chief Technical Officer at Ford, said that the original SYNC, which debuted in 2007, actually predates the first iPhone. He added that Ford asked users of its connectivity systems to help with redesign, resulting in an easier to use system.

The larger fonts and simpler menus make navigating through the system easier, and pinch to zoom and swipe features give you smartphone capabilities (there are also large buttons for those who prefer to search old school).

Very cool new features

SYNC 3 will also give you peace of mind with a free 911 assist – if the system detects that you’ve been in an accident, it calls 911 – and tells the emergency responder how many seat belts were in use.

You will also get automatic updates via Wi-Fi for the navigation system or apps. This is done via your home network, while your car is in the garage or driveway and for those of us who live in cities without home garages, dealers can provide the updates.

The new SYNC 3 system also improves voice recognition, with simpler commands and the ability of the navigation system to find points of interest even if you don’t have the official name of a place.

As reported in the New York Times, “in-car technology has become one of the most important selling points for the auto industry” so this redesign should have a huge impact.

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