The Ford Bronco Returns, More Ready Than Ever to Cater to Your Need for Adventure 

Ford Bronco
Pre-production versions of the all-new 2021 Bronco family of all-4x4 rugged SUVs, shown here, include (left) Bronco two-door in Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat, Bronco four-door in Shadow Black and Bronco Sport in Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat.

Pick your Bronco and then, set your spirit free.

There’s something about the Ford Bronco that, all at once, strikes a chord of nostalgia and anticipation of the adventure ahead. One of the original SUVs on the road, we drove by them in traffic imagining its occupants were headed to a rustic ranch for horseback riding, to a remote dune on the beach or a bend in the river that few had ever seen.

It invoked that “I’ll have what she’s having moment” in so many of us who ached to let our vehicles truly set us free from the trappings of daily life. 

Finally, after being absent from the SUV scene for 14 years, the Bronco is back. Today Ford reveals the 2021 Bronco to millions of consumers around the globe across Disney’s networks, including ESPN, ABC and National Geographic (keep reading for links and schedules). 

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Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco and all its customizable pieces laid out in prototype form. ?Ford

What Defines the New Ford Bronco? It’s Up to You

That is the magic behind the new Bronco: you can customize it however you’d like. Want to outfit it for overland camping and open air driving? You got it. Want to head through the swamps and creeks? No problem. The Bronco is essentially a framework that allows customers to choose from more than 200 modular pieces, from fender flairs to roof styles, fog lights, work tables and even roof-top tents. And once configured, you can take it apart and put it together like a life-size Lego set with an engine and four wheels. So, take off the doors, the roof, the windows, the fenders, and put them back on again when you want.

Buyers who want to customize their Bronco can also choose between the two-door model and the four-door model, both with a full range of capability and features such as roof rails, cargo management systems, work lights, under-body skid plates and rubber floors that allow owners to hose the Bronco out for easy cleanup. 

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Ford Bronco

Create Your Own Path… Literally 

The navigation system will feature off road maps not available on other navigation systems. And, owners can curate their own routes and share their maps with other Bronco owners. To get there, the 4wheel drive system has 7 terrain settings and can Go Over Any Terrain, earning the acronym GOAT mode that will accommodate any terrain that its owners may roam. Making the off road system even smarter, Bronco will have extra “spotter” cameras so drivers can see what’s under the wheels and the path immediately ahead. 

And those who want a more Bronco-focused experience? Ford is building “Off Roadeo” parks for Bronco owners; these parks, similar to the performance tracks that Ford performance car owners can attend, will not only offer lots of adventure but also teach skills and offer owners a deep-dive experience with their vehicles.

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Ford BroncoBronco Sport for Daily Comfort and Trail-side Adventure 

For those who don’t want to play the configuration puzzle but just want a great SUV with lots of capability, the Bronco Sport is packaged with the best of Bronco’s features minus the removable panels and windows. It’ll come in four different editions, from standard to pampered, and has some great conveniences like a work table that pulls out from the cargo area and work lights built into the liftgate so when it’s up it can shed light on the cargo and work area. 

All Bronco models are named to inspire the journey ahead, including Big Bend, Outer Banks and Badlands; every model will have a Sasquatch upgrade available which adds larger tires and other over-the-top details. 

Ford Bronco

All the Familiar Ford Comforts, Too

The Bronco’s engine promises great capability, with either a V6 310 horsepower or a 4 cylinder EcoBoost engine with 270 horsepower. From there, Bronco will feature Ford’s CoPilot 360 suite of driver assist and safety features as well as stability control and trailer sway control, all standard. And for owners who want control palm of their hand, the Bronco is compatible with Ford Pass so you can remote start, find a gas station, plot your off roading and more. The base model Bronco starts at about $30,000 and goes up from there; starting today buyers can reserve a 2021 Bronco for $100 and expect delivery sometime this winter.

And then, start plotting your off road adventures, which will be just around the bend. 

Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco website promises “Off Roadeo” adventure parks for Bronco owners to exercise their stallions. ?Ford

Where to view the 2021 Bronco Starting July 13, 8PM EDT

  • ABC: Bronco 4-door will be featured in a 3-minute film starring country music singer Kip Moore during “CMA Best of Fest,” the Country Music Association’s three-hour concert experience, airing at approximately 8:09 p.m. EDT
  • ESPN: A film featuring the all-new Bronco Sport and professional climber Brooke Raboutou will air during “SportsCenter,” at approximately 8:09 p.m. EDT
  • National Geographic: Academy Award-winning director and cinematographer, photographer and professional climber Jimmy Chin will spotlight the all-new Bronco 2-door model during “National Parks: Yosemite,” at approximately 8:13 p.m. EDT
  • All films will be available on Hulu starting Tuesday July 14, and links will be posted on YouTube and Facebook.

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