Eyes in Back of Your Head: Nissan’s New Rearview Mirror

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Rearview MirrorSmart Rearview Mirror Debuts From Nissan

While eyes in the back of your head could help you police backseat squabbles (who really DID touch who last?) they don’t offer much in the way of safety. Nissan introduced an innovation at the recent Geneva Auto Show that truly helps drivers, the Smart Rearview Mirror.

The Smart Rearview Mirror is both a regular mirror and an LCD screen for a high res rear-facing camera that is mounted on the back of the car. The camera helps drivers see through too small rear windows, and aids them in getting a fuller picture when tall back seat passengers or bulky items in the car compromise their view.

You can switch back and forth from the regular mirror to the rearview, only using the rearview camera as needed.

So you can tell your kids you can’t see behind you -but you can see through them.

The rearview mirrors should reach Nissan cars in the United States by 2015. Read more about it here.



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