Dog Car Seat Covers: The Secret To Keeping Pet-Friendly Cars Clean

Car Dog Seat Cover

If your doggie likes to ride along, a pet seat cover can save your backseat from looking like it.

A pet car seat cover helps protect your car from damage from pet claws, fur getting into the seats, dander, slobber, pet accidents, and lots of dirt from the paws. I purchased a dog car seat cover over a year ago and have been very pleased with it. It definitely is protecting the backseat of my car from Annie, my Olde English Bulldogge/Boxer mix, who loves going in the car.

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Dog Car Seat Cover In The Half Style Position

This is the dog car seat cover in the half-style position. Photo: Robyn Wright

Seat cover options fit your car and pet

I found a dog car seat cover that you can arrange in multiple positions including:

1. Hammock (which we use) – it attaches to the back seats and swings up to attach to the back of the front seats
2. Flat full seat – it attaches to the top of the backseat headrests and lays over the entire top and bottom of the back seat
3. Half option – there is a zipper in the middle which allows you to combine options of hammock style and flat style

Handy Storage Pockets Helps Me Keep Annie'S Dog Things Organized

Handy storage pockets helps me keep Annie’s dog things organized. Photo: Robyn Wright

What I like best about having dog car seat covers:

  • There are access slits, so you can still attach child car seats or pet safety restraints with the cover on
  • You can still access LATCH harness points for child car seats as well
  • Protects from tears and cuts from dog nails (my Annie put a big rip in my old car’s seat with her nails accidentally)
  • If I take her out and she gets muddy or dirty, my seats are protected
  • The majority of the dog “smell” stays on the removable cover, which you can easily wash out
  • Waterproof (wet dog or if dog has an accident)
  • Handy storage pockets for dog supplies
  • Very adjustable, fits a lot of cars

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Access Slits So That You Can Still Attach Car Seats With The Cover On

There are access slits so that you can still attach car seats with the cover on. Photo: Robyn Wright

There are only a few negatives in having dog car seat covers:

• It does not look as pretty as the actual seats
• If you have a classic car without headrests, this may not work for you

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Dog Car Seat Covers In Full Coverage Mode

The car seat cover in full coverage mode. Photo: Robyn Wright

But, What’s It Going To Cost Me?

This is one of the best investments in a pet product I have made. Plus, it easily pays for itself in protecting the interior to  keep resale value higher when you go to sell or trade in your car. Also, the versatility of installation options and the ease of use make it a great value. The retail price is usually around $35.


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