No More Dodge Grand Caravans: Saying Good-bye to the Family Minivan

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Grand CaravanThe Once Popular Dodge Grand Caravan Ends Its Long Run

The minivan that saved Chrysler is no longer. Dodge Grand Caravans, beloved by soccer moms, transported over a generation of kids and their friends on trips to the mall and on family road trips. But the Italian automaker, Fiat, which now owns Chrysler, does not have the shared memory of seeing a caravan of Caravans lining up at school drop offs in suburban America.

Fiat will cease production of Grand Caravans, which first rolled off the production line in 1983, in 2016, keeping the more luxurious, and pricier, Town & Country minivan.

Minivans, like soccer moms are also the  butt of jokes on late night TV; no word yet on what car comics will choose to skewer next.

Read more about the Chrysler minivan’s history history here.


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