The DeLorean is Making a Comeback, But Can it Fly?

Image: DeLorean Motor Company

The┬áDeLorean may be back from the future – er, past.

The DeLorean DMC-12 hasn’t been made since the early 80s, but it’s still one of the most recognizable cars on the planet. You can thank Doc from Back to the Future for deciding it was the perfect car for time travel. It came with a flux capacitor for the time travel bit and eventually a Mr. Fusion for power. Oh, and it flew because the future is all about flying cars. Now Doc and Marty’s ride might be making a comeback.

The DeLorean Motor Company went into receivership in 1982 after building less than 10,000 cars. Back to the Future made the cars collectible, but the small production run makes them hard to find today, although you’ll often see them at pop culture conventions decked out in time travel garb.

A revival is in the works at the hands of DeLorean Motor Company of Texas. They intend to start producing new DMC-12s as soon as next year. You might be wondering how this is possible given how much cars have changed over the years. Is a new-old DMC-12 even legal to sell today? Congressional bill H.R. 22, which was signed last year, makes it perfectly legal in certain circumstances.


Image: DeLorean Motor Company

The Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act is designed to let low-volume companies make a small number of replica vehicles based on vehicles built 25 or more years ago. They have to register their cars with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the EPA as well as file production reports. They also have to meet current clean air standards, so they won’t be exactly like the originals. Your new DeLorean might look the same on the outside, but it will be different under the hood.

The DeLorean Motor Company of Texas bought all the remaining DeLorean parts at a 1997 auction, so now they just need to line up suppliers and come up with a new drive-train. Electronics will also be modern, but those gull-wing doors and body shape will still be just like Marty McFly’s version.

According to AutoBlog, another thing that hasn’t changed is the car’s high price. The estimated cost for getting yourself into a new Delorean is $100,000. No word yet if they’ve figured out how to make it fly.

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