The Ultimate Classic Car: Authentic Design, Modern Technology for the Best of Both Worlds

Revology Mustang Shelby

They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Revology Cars makes them better. If owning a classic Mustang has always been a dream but owning an older car isn’t for you, Revology Cars may have the answer. These classic car replicas pair modern features with the authentic architecture of classic cars, albeit at a true collector’s price: Revology models start at about $167,000 and top out over $200,000.

Imagine combining the incredible advances in car technology, like a touch screen infotainment system, Apple Car Play, navigation, a view camera, power windows, with luxury touches like Alcantara suede and Napa leather with the classic look and feel of a ’66 Mustang. Then, add a brand new Coyote engine, the same 435 horsepower engine that is in the current Mustang GT, and modern steel and manufacturing technology that keeps passengers safe and makes car ownership carefree. This is a car that evokes nostalgia and replicates a time when things were simpler and more carefree. And when driving was always a pleasure.

Revology Mustang Shelby Gt 350 Classic Car

Classic Mustangs are pure beauties. With Revology, you can take them anywhere! Photo: Scotty Reiss

Classic Cars Meet Modern Technology – Revology Cars Offer the Best of Both Worlds

It looks like a vintage Mustang… but is it? And not just any Mustang. Not the newer model Mustangs either (although they are indeed sweet) but the vintage Mustang GT convertibles that make you swoon admiringly and hum Beach Boys songs.

You know what I mean…there’s just something about a vintage Mustang that makes you nostalgic, whether you consider yourself to be a true car enthusiast or not. They don’t make ‘em like they used to. Except now they do…and, better.

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Mustang Vintage Revology

A glimpse of a vintage Mustang interior built with Revology. Photo: Revology

Meet Revology Cars

Revology Cars is a new car company that takes classic designs and replicates a modern version using the original plans and details. Revology’s founder, Tom Scarpello, worked for Ford for 17 years. While he was building world-class cars with record-setting engines, his dream was to build a vintage ’66 Mustang with all the advances of recent years. The result is Revology, cars that have modern engines and safety features but are also authentic, built to the original design’s specific details. Buyers get the best of both worlds.

I know. It makes me swoon, too.

Revology Cars focus on automotive re-engineering and evolution. The idea is to bring a scientific approach to the redesign of classic cars. The familiar classic body style belies the modern components, such as high-strength steel, and performance-oriented manufacturing processes.

The result is one hot car that also has improved reliability, durability, fuel economy, safety, comfort, and reduced emissions. Revology Cars officially licensed Ford Mustang and Shelby Automobiles designs, so they are authentic.

Want a peek at what Revology has in production? How does a 1968 Mustang 2×2 Fastback Sound? It sounds like pure heaven to me. I can hear the roar of the engine and the beat of “Light My Fire” on the eight-track tape deck.

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1968 Mustang Revology

1968 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback in Highland Green Metallic with Black Porsche Nappa leather interior, to be equipped with Ford 5.0 “COYOTE” V8, 435HP and Ford 6R80 electronically controlled auto transmission

Of Course You Want one! Don’t We All?

Despite the hefty price tag, ordering from Revology is a fairly simple process. Vehicle production takes about six months, and because these will surely be on high demand, expect a backlog. A good place to start is their How to Buy page followed by their FAQ section. That’s enough info to decide whether or not you want to go forward. If you do, the next step would be to contact someone about building your specific car.

Revology Info

Just a few car facts. Photo credit: Scotty Reiss

Revology Mustang Vintage

No compromises. These beautiful cars are an absolute luxury. Photo credit: Scott Reiss

Luxury Car Maker Revology Offers The Best Of Both Worlds: Classic Styling And Modern Design And Safety Features. You Can Have It All.

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