Car Repair: RepairPal to the Rescue

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Car RepairRepairPal Annual Car Care Survey Cites Importance of Certification for Car Repair Shops

You’ve gone through the car buying process, maybe not had the best experience with a car dealership but now you have your car. Game over, right? No, now (or soon) you will have to confront car repairs.

RepairPal, a source for local auto repair shops and service, just released its Second Annual Car Care survey. The survey finds high levels of anxiety associated with car ownership and repairs

“The purpose of the Annual Car Care Survey is to better understand and measure consumer sentiment as it relates to car ownership and auto repair,” said Art Shaw, RepairPal CEO. “Based on our findings, it has become clear that there continues to be issues around trust, making repair shop certification paramount. RepairPal’s mission is to continue to equip consumers with the necessary tools and information they need to be in control and empowered about their car ownership experience.”

Some of the Survey Findings:

You didn’t trust your ex-boyfriend and you can’t trust a mechanic.

According to Repair Pal, repair shop certification helps consumers trust their mechanics. But the survey also found that 61% of women believe mechanics perform more unnecessary repairs for women than men.

Most Owners Don’t Budget for Car Repair or Maintenance

Yes, car repairs can be costly.

But the RepairPal survey found that most car owners don’t budget for maintenance OR repair. Lessen your stress and anxiety by anticipating these costs.

If you are going on a road trip, Repair Pal’s mobile app. It can help you find a local Certified Shop if you run into trouble when you are on vacation.

See the survey here.

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