When a Parking Garage Becomes a Travel Destination

Z Lot Parking Garage In Detroit
Parking garages are now a destination. Check out five that are worth the drive to visit! Photo Credit: Becky Fixel

You’d never think that your travel destination would be parking garages.

We know that driving is the fun part, but architects have been having a little fun when they are building parking garages. Some blend into their surroundings, but other parking ramps are a work of art and worth paying a few dollars just to go in and visit. There are a ton nationwide that are cleverly designed, are home to art and have great views. So when you’re road tripping you may want to check out a few of these locations as you go and bring your camera to snap a few shots.


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The Z-Lot in Detroit Offers Murals for Days – Detroit, MI

The Z Lot or Z Deck is near Detroit’s theater district and gets its name from its shape.

Yes, the parking garage is actually in the shape of a Z and you can enter from two distinctly different areas.

Each level of the Z Lot boasts murals by different international artists and span the whole garage. From charging spots for electric vehicles and places to add air to your tires, the Z Lot is not only a fun place to visit but will make sure you’re ready for the road before you leave.

What’s between the two sides of the Z shaped ramp? That would be The Belt, another great art-filled alley that has access to bars, restaurants, and great photo opportunities.

Heading downtown Detroit for a game or a show? Park in the Z Lot for only $10 for the whole time (rates during business hours max out at $20).

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When you go to the library, you expect to see books,  but the Community Bookshelf makes them larger than life. Community Bookshelf is a striking feature of Kansas City’s downtown.

It runs along the south wall of the Central Library’s parking garage on 10th Street between Wyandotte Street and Baltimore Avenue.

The book spines, which measure approximately 25 feet by 9 feet, are made of signboard mylar.

The shelf showcases 22 spines which list 42 titles, reflecting a wide variety of reading interests as suggested by Kansas City readers and then selected by The Kansas City Public Library Board of Trustees.

Many of the book titles are related to the city in some way and besides a fun photo backdrop, The Community Bookshelf brings the importance of the library to the city and the community.

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Stunning views, a wedding venue and more at LAZ parking – Miami Beach

Part parking garage and part destination the LAZ parking ramp, also known just at “1111” offers beautiful views of Miami Beach area from every level.

The stunning structure also has been the host to weddings, vehicle launches and more. Designed by architects Herzog and De Meuron the structure stands out, and is a statement on its own.

Visit and bring your camera for spectacular views.

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Once a destination for shows, the Michigan Theater is still a piece of art – Detroit, MI

Once a French Renaissance style theater house, the Michigan Theater was built in 1925 downtown Detroit. The historical building is located near Bagley and Cass and attached to an office building.

The original facade can be seen over the main entrance of the building, and through some of the windows, you can see some of its original glory.

While time and exposure to the elements have taken its toll on the building and space, inside is still a treat for anyone who parks there.

From areas of original seating, decorated ceilings and even a bit of the original curtain is still hanging.

The Michigan Theater in Detroit is a destination for photographers and has even been featured in the movie Eight Mile.

While it is mostly private parking for the business building, the space hosts special events and you can ask for permission to go in and visit the space.

Designer style has made it’s way to parking garages with architectural style with the City View – Miami, FL

The City View boasts four different styles throughout and glitters in the sunlight.

Designer bling doesn’t have much on this structure, and it catches your eye even from the air.

Actually visible when you fly out of the city, The City View parking ramp gives you great views of the city when you’re in there.

Sparkles, artwork and a place to park, The City View is a great destination and place to visit!

Ann Arbor’s Library Lane Parking Garage – Ann Arbor, MI

Probably the most notable thing about this garage is what you don’t see: the garage, from the street.

You see the signs, elevator vestibule, which doubles as an art space, and a few cars.

The rest is underground, under Ann Arbor’s picturesque downtown. Housing 715 spaces including spots for EV charging, Zipcar and bike parking, rates are $1.20 an hour and the view from the “garage?”


Parking Ramps And Garages Are A Travel Destination? When They'Re Filled With Art, Have Stunning Views And Offer Services, Here Are 6 Parking Garages To See.

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