“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for Your Car this CyberMonday


Eight Great CyberMonday Gifts That You Will HAVE to Open Before the Holiday Arrives

OK, we admit, we are not fans of false eyelashes on cars or iridescent pink paint jobs, but when something comes along you just have to embrace in a big way, we’re glad you can surround yourself with the theme in your car.

This is the story with the next Star Wars movie, which opens on December 18th. To get ready, here are some CyberMonday gift ideas that might need to be opened a tad early to get in the swing of things… or that might appease your inner fan girl (or your kids) until the holidays roll around.

May the Force be with you…and protect you from burning hot seats.

Talk about special passengers…you can give a ride to a Stormtrooper:

Cybermonday Star Wars

Stormtrooper vinyl car sticker from FanWraps

Your Star Wars family decal… 

Cybermonday Star Wars

The Force Awakens form ThinkGeek

You’ll probably see a lot of these because you have to have something to replace your NIN stickers, right? 

Cybermonday Star Wars

Star Wars car decals from Etsy

Love this ‘Baby on Board’ decal

Cybermonday Star Wars

Star Wars Baby on Board window decal from Etsy

How’s this for changing up your charge? A R2-D2 USB charger that fits in your cup holder:

Cybermonday Star Wars

R2-D2 USB charger from Think Geek

Or, charge up with a Stormtrooper:

Cybermonday Star Wars

Stormtrooper cigarette lighter adapter 12 V charger from ThinkGeek

These look pretty cool under small feet (or stylish stilettos), and are a subtle way to get your Star Wars geek on: Stormtrooper or Darth Vader floor mats:

Cybermonday Star Wars

Stormtrooper floor mats from Amazon

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