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Sue Mead, who was among the first women to test and compete in the off-road field, travels the globe test-driving cars and trucks working as a photojournalist and feature writer for dozens of publications. Specializing in 4WD and adventure, Mead has been an auto 4WD editor for CNN/fn and has written several books including Monster Trucks and Tractors, Off Road Racing, Legends and Adventures, and Rock Crawling. She has been to 70 countries and driven enough off-road and 4WD race miles to have circumnavigated the globe twice! Mead won the Open Production class at the 2011 Dakar, and is an inductee into the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

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September 5, 2023
Love the idea of bonding on the road, and a little thrill? So do the folks at Honda. Their Talon 1000R-4 side-by-side is a perfect fit for family treks.
If You Have An Opportunity To Take A Photo With The Rolls-Royce Dawn, You Should Definitely Go For It. Photo: Sue Mead
August 3, 2023
Attending the wedding of close friends, my ‘plus-one’ was the Rolls Royce Dawn. Not only was this regal convertible the perfect companion, but she left me more than a bit smitten.
Rock Crawling Fun Is More Precise, Thanks To The Activair System On Bf Goodrich Tires.
May 15, 2023
Tires are everything on the road, and off road – even more. We trekked Moab with BFGoodrich and their new tire and navigation tech for even more fun off-road.
Eve At Houston Auto Show Featured Image
February 10, 2023
Auto Shows are a wonderful place for kids to explore cars and the automotive world. Sue Mead and her granddaughter Eve tell us why.
Bogi Lateiner Featured Image
January 13, 2023
Bogi Lateiner is all about empowering women to find careers in the auto biz, and she’s going on tour with the vintage modern Iron Maven to tell the story.
Maven Is Coming Together. Photo: Volvo Cars, Usa
January 6, 2023
Bogi Lateiner, in empowering women, led an all-female team to convert a custom Volvo to a plug-in hybrid electric–and it’s the hit of the car circuit.
A Girls Guide To Cars | The First Rebelle Rally Brings Adventure To The Unseen Road - Sbc Rebelle Rally Feature
August 19, 2022
Off-roading may be the ultimate bucket list adventure. Rebelle Rally takes that a step further: it’s for women only and totally inspiring.
A Girls Guide To Cars | Have Fun, Be Confident, Get Muddy: Land Rover Driving School Is The Experience Of A Lifetime - Land Rover Drivingschool Feaured Image
January 26, 2017
Land Rover loves going off-road and they want you to, too. Here’s where Land Rover Driving school is held, what it costs and what you’ll learn.