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Oregon-based Mercedes Lilienthal is a freelance journalist and photographer who contributes to The New York Times and several automotive outlets like Forbes, Car and Driver, Autoblog, GearJunkie, TREAD Magazine, and many more. She creates award-winning content involving vehicle-based adventure travel, the automotive industry, and women in it. My husband and she own three right-hand-drive turbodiesel 4x4 Mitsubishis: a Delica Space Gear and two Gen 2 Pajeros. The pair also own a modified Subaru daily driver. Her freelance work includes writing, photography, and PR/marketing services for automotive-minded clients. Follow her: Facebook @mercedeslilienthal, Instagram @mercedes_lilienthal, and Twitter (X) @writerwithgrit.

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Pre Tech Check At The Rebelle Rally With My Race Partner Emily Winslow And Our Honda Pilot Trailsport. Photo: Paolo Baraldi
December 5, 2023
From dirt and rocks to sand and silt, the 2024 Honda Pilot TrailSport championed its way across 1,404 miles of the Southwestern U.S. desert. I learned a lot about this rugged three-row SUV during my time driving it competing in the 2023 Rebelle Rally.