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Maureen Fitzgerald, aka Wisconsin Mommy, is a Milwaukee based influencer and social media junkie. She loves sharing tips, tricks and reviews on WisconsinMommy.com and WisconsinMommy.tv. Maureen is always up for taking a drive or impromptu road trip!

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What Can You Do To Prevent Hot Car Deaths Agirlsguidetocars
June 24, 2021
Every year, children and pets die in overheated cars. Find out what state laws say good samaritans can do to save them.
What Drives Her Chicago Auto Show
February 15, 2017
How does change happen? A group of 100 auto industry women gathered at the Chicago Auto Show’s What Drives Her luncheon to share and inspire.
Chicago Auto Show
January 27, 2017
Baby it’s cold outside! Snuggle up with a pal and hit the Chicago Auto Show to see some of tje hottest cars on the market. And enter our ticket giveaway!
Self-Driving Trucks
November 21, 2016
Long haul transit is necessary to get us all the goods we need, but accidents happen. Are self-driving trucks the answer?
A Girls Guide To Cars | Got A Long Drive Ahead? 7 Tips For Staying Awake And Alert On The Road - Sbcalertpin
October 24, 2016
Even when you’re rested a long road trip can make you lose alertness. Here are our 7 tips for staying awake and alert on those longer drives.