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Kim Smith is a 30-something-year-old wife and do-it-all mom of two beautiful daughters; her rainbow babies. As if working full-time isn’t enough, Kim owns Beauty and the Bump NYC, a mom blog where she writes about the things that she finds beautiful: her love of family, travel, food and more. She also shares her love of cars on her other site What Drives Kim As a contributor to A Girl’s Guide to Cars, Kim shares her love for cars by providing helpful tips and car reviews from the perspective of a modern working millennial mom.

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Best Cars For Road Trips
May 3, 2024
Are you ready to hit the beach? From comfy seating to superior fuel efficiency and safety features, here are the best cars to take on a road trip.
Honda Campus All-Star Challenge College Scholarships
April 8, 2024
The Honda Campus All-Star Challege is coming soon, with coveted scholarship monies awarded. But it’s not just the awards that make it special; it’s a whole vibe.
Lincoln Navigator
March 11, 2024
Fine details, comfort and technology in the 2023 Lincoln Navigator 3-row luxury SUV makes you and your passengers feel like a rock star.
Auto Industry, Automotive Industry Leader
February 24, 2024
We know this: There is a disproportionate representation of women and Black workers in the auto industry. But, there are many who breaking down barriers.
2024 Acura Mdx Advance
January 19, 2024
When it was time to shop for a new car that suited my family, going bigger for peace of mind and added luxuries were my priority. That is why I chose the Acura MDX Advance.
The Lincoln Nautilus Key Is A Smart Key That Unlocks The Car When You Approcha
October 30, 2023
What do you expect in a sanctuary? Massaging seats, plush leather and a cabin that quiets the world outside. This is what we found in the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus
The 2021 Acura Rdx Sh-Awd Is An Affordable Compact Luxury Suv Millennial Moms Like Me Need. Here Are 10 Reasons Why I Love Mine.
October 25, 2023
Choosing the best family SUV gets trickier when you can choose from two stylish Acura performance SUVs. Bottom line? It’s about the feeling you get.
You Have The Nasty Task Of Cleaning Puke Out Of Your Car. Knowing How To Clean Vomit Out Of Your Car Is The First Step. Here Are Tips On How To Do It.
September 22, 2023
You have the nasty task of cleaning puke out of your car. Knowing how to clean vomit out of your car is the first step. Here are tips on how to do it.
Car Crashes Are The Leading Cause Of Death For Children, As Well As Non-Crash-Related Injuries. Car Safety Seats Help To Keep Children Safe In Cars.
September 19, 2023
Are your kids car seats properly installed? Are they up to date? Are you protecting your kids from other dangers? Here’s our checklist for Child Passenger Safety Week
Electrify Expo
September 8, 2023
The Electrify Expo is a nationwide event series celebrating electric cars. We plugged into the event, and came away with lots of inspiration for the future.