Why Are Audi Owners So Enthusiastic About Their Cars?

Woman In Read Shirt Standing Next To Audi Sedan

Audi owners love their cars. We had to know why.

When my husband and I stepped into our local Audi dealership, we felt like we’d graduated to the big kid’s table. Akin to finally ridding our home of the last of the Ikea furniture. We were finally stepping up to a luxury brand and it felt amazing. After trying a number of models, we decided that the Audi Q5 was the best match for us.

According to Car Shop UK, Audi owners have certain profile traits. The “Audi driver spends a lot of time exercising and especially enjoys cycling, jogging and running. Given the brand’s reputation for excellence, it’s no surprise to learn that Audi owners are also interested in cars and motoring. They like investing money wisely, and value quality above all else.” Well, this is pretty much my husband and me in a nutshell.

As an Audi Owner, I Was Won Over From the Start

One of my favorite things about our Audi was the buying experience itself. I was thrilled to have a woman helping us. In the past, I always felt like salesmen paid all of their attention to my husband. In this case, I definitely felt part of the buying process. Otherwise, I love nearly everything about our Q5. Some of my favorite features:

  • Heating and cooling options for each front-row seat
  • Saved profiles for seat and side mirror adjustments for the driver’s seat
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Push-button opening and closing hatchback

My husband likes the smooth ride our Audi provides. And even though our Audi is not a V6, it has the horsepower of one at 250HP. Sport mode is another great feature that gives drivers an acceleration boost for making quick turns or passing on the highway.

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Woman In Audi Q5

Hello from my Audi Q5! Photo: Jenn Mitchell

But I wondered, “Is It Just Me?”

The brand also has a reputation for design, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. But I wanted to know more from real Audi owners. So, I interviewed a few Audi owners in my town and here’s what they had to say:

“I have a 2015 Q7 and really like it. I have had zero trouble with it. It handles well on the road. Am considering buying another. It is big, but I cart around two big dogs. The 3rd row is not very comfortable if you are an adult but small children do well back there.”

“We have a Q5 my husband is currently driving and he loves it! It has a sportier feel in the way it handles than the comparable Lexus it replaced, and we’ve had zero issues with it.”

“I have a 2018 Q5. Love the large sunroof, Apple CarpPlay, display mid dash, and the display in front of the steering wheel. It also has a great backup camera, flashing lights on side-view mirrors when you have someone in your blind spot.”

“My husband drives an S6 and loves it. Super comfortable ride, handles great in all conditions, great power (my husband is into fast cars). I enjoy driving it too – my regular car is an SUV, so enjoy the very smooth ride in his Audi.”

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Woman In Read Shirt Standing Next To Audi Sedan

LeeAnn loves her sleek and sexy Audi sedan. Photo: LeeAnn Radonski

The Audi Feels are Not Just Local to My Town

An enthusiastic Audi owner on Reddit eloquently highlights everything I love about my Audi as well.

  1. Intuitive cockpit–every control easily accessed without having to take my eyes off the road and most technology thoughtfully deployed.

  2. Good balance between performance and comfort. I mostly drive short distances but with an occasional longer (as in several hours) trip. Audi lets me adjust settings that offer a slightly softer ride, adaptive cruise control is a terrific add-on, and seat bolster, extended leg support all add to a great driving experience.

  3. Styling: There are a lot of good-looking cars but I find Audis in each of their manifestations a good blend of sexy/aggressive and buttoned-up styling cues. They are never over the top and they just keep getting better. I think the old [Audi] 5000 set that in motion and since then with few exceptions Audi has been building cars that stand out despite many copycats that just do not get all the pieces to flow together as well.

It’s pretty clear Audi owners have been won over by the brand, and I totally get it. It’s nice to be at the big kid’s table!

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