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James Charles Tesla X
James Charles Tesla XCredit: James Charles
July 14, 2024
It has to be electric—because, getting gas? Over it. It has to be an SUV. Because visibility is everything (we…
Porsche Macan European Luxury Suv
Porsche MacanCredit: Connie Peters
July 13, 2024
I like to play a game with myself when I drive; it’s called Name That Car. I try not to…
Pride Month Lgbtq
pride month lgbtqCredit: Alex Jackman Unsplash
June 30, 2024
When you’re part of a group that suffers discrimination or marginalization, some things are not easy. Top of that list…
The Cheby Blazer Ev Key
The Blazer EV key. Photo: Scotty ReissCredit: Scotty Reiss
June 4, 2024
In the last few months, Chevrolet has rolled out two very important new electric cars—important to buyers who want an…
Me With The 2025 Toyota 4Runner
Me with the 2025 Toyota 4Runner. Photo: Kymri WiltCredit: Kymri Wilt
May 26, 2024
Is your dream car out of reach? Want a popular model that is still getting a premium over sticker price?…
Me With My Home Ev Charger!
Me with my home EV charger! Photo: Scotty Reiss
May 11, 2024
Installing the inexpensive Lectron level 2 charger in my garage was easy, and not expensive, even with the electrician's bill.…
Bmw X2 Luxury Suv Best Luxury Car
The sleek, powerful, and completely redesigned BMW X2. Photo: BMWCredit: BMW
May 7, 2024
The BMW X2 has a larger footprint, peppy performance, athletic styling and a playful shape that doesn't remind us of…
Best Cars For Road Trips
Me doing what I enjoy most - heading on another adventure on the road. Photo: Kim S.
May 3, 2024
Are you ready to hit the beach? From comfy seating to superior fuel efficiency and safety features, here are the…